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Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches Article in Profile MagazineSinchies Sam was so excited to be called for an interview by Profile Magazine to tell her story on how your favourite reusable food pouch Sinchies started! Featured in the Briefcase section - The Sunshine Coast is full of talented people - each issue we showcase two successful locals doing great things in their field.

Sam's Story - "I didn't know how it would go!"

From hastily scribbling designs on napkins while sitting around the family dinner table to a revolutionary new business, Sam Spunner is the self-made foodie entrepreneur now hailed by mums and dads as a saviour when it comes time to pack their children's lunches. Sam is the brains behind eco-friendly, super simple, reusable food pouch range, Sinchies. The idea for the business came after years of suffering from irritable bowl syndrome and an interest in the additives and preservatives found in pre-packaged food. In 2004, Sam moved to Australia from the UK (originally from Zimbabwe) and started work as a child care educator, with an interest in personal food intolerances, which is where, in 2010, the idea for a reusable food pouch called Sinchies was born. "I was at work and I was consoling a child crying because they couldn't eat the same "squeezy" yoghurt as the other children because of food intolerance," Sam remembers. "It didn't make sense that they couldn't enjoy something similar, but even healthier." After two years of research (and design), various Skype sessions and months spent carefully finding an eco-friendly manufacturer, Sinchies launched in 2012. "I didn't know how it woud go!" laughs Sam. "You can read so much and hear so much from other people that it can become quite daunting." Luckily, thanks to her strong support network, not to mention "taste tester" neice and nephews, the business was a hit, with Sam now running her thriving Sinchies from her Currimundi home office, with more than 100 retailers signed up. Now this Aussie businesswoman is not looking back, with plans to extand the Sinchies brand, launch new ranges of the reusable food pouches and design more recipe books. Sam's chance on revolutionising the food industry has well and truly paid off.

Profile Magazine - April 2014

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