Small Reusable Ziplock Bags (snack bags)


      Small Reusable Ziplock Bag FAQ

      What Are Small Reusable Snack Bags?

      Reusable snack bags are for those busy moments, whether you’re on the run or have a hundred things to do. There’s no lunchbox, cutlery or plates involved – just simple, good snacks shared with your little one as they need them.

      Our reusable snack pouches are ziplock bags where you get to control the contents. You get to choose the ingredients and store and share healthy, nutritious snacks with minimal waste.

      What Types of Snacks Can I Store in Sinchies’ Small Reusable Snack Bags?

      The options are endless with Sinchies reusable snack pouches. From yummy frozen snacks to something warmer, you’ve got a world of treats to choose between, including:

      • Nuts and raisins;
      • Frozen or chilled fruit, such as berries or apple slices;
      • Chickpea puffs;
      • Rice cakes;
      • Trail mix;
      • Veggie chips;
      • Cheese & crackers;
      • Popcorn;
      • Sliced veggies;
      • Dried seaweed;
      • Edamame.

      And that’s not even the half of it! Sinchies small reusable snack bags are the perfect addition to every bag. Simply fill them with a bite for later and be on your way.

      Are Sinchies’ Small Reusable Snack Bags Safe for Storing Food?

      Yes, you can store your food in Sinchies reusable snack bags. They’re versatile, moisture-resistant, durable and freezer-safe, so you can get rid of the mound of unwashable, stained plastic ziplock bags and clingwrap that sits in the fridge and freezer. Replace them with these reusable bags for ease of use and peace of mind.

      How Do I Clean and Maintain Sinchies’ Small Reusable Snack Bags?

      Our bags are easy to clean. All you have to do is wash them in warm, soapy water with Sinches’ cleaning brush, specifically designed to get into the nooks of the bag and leave it sparkling like new.

      To dry, shake the excess water out of the reusable bag and either return them to the freezer to lock in the freshness or pop them onto a drying rack in a cool, airy place.

      Can Sinchies’ Small Reusable Snack Bags Be Used for Kids’ Lunch Boxes?

      They can be used for kids’ lunch boxes and lunch bags. In fact, we encourage it. You can toss out the endless repurchasing of plastic and pop your kids’ snacks into our small reusable snack pouches. Simple to use but sturdy, they can endure a bit of rough and tumble with your kids. Just make sure your little ones bring them home!

      Are Sinchies’ Small Reusable Snack Bags Environmentally Friendly?

      Sinchies small reusable snack bags were designed to benefit the planet. By cutting down on plastic, reducing waste and encouraging reuse, we strive to create a more sustainable future for future generations.

      Our snack bags are also BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free.

      Can I Use Sinchies’ Small Reusable Snack Bags for Travel or Outdoor Activities?

      Yes, take our small reusable snack bags with you anywhere you go. From overseas travel to camping and fishing trips, these bags can accompany you packed with snacks.

      Thanks to their moisture-resistant and durable nature, they can endure wear and tear during travel. As they’re easy to clean, you can wash them and refill them with more of your favourite snacks whenever you need to.

      Can Sinchies’ Small Reusable Snack Bags Accommodate Different Snack Sizes?

      Sinchies small reusable snack bags can accommodate different types of snacks depending on their size – but how many of them you’ll be able to fit is a different story. They can help with portion control for treats like chocolate or pretzels but won’t be able to fit unsliced apples or bananas. If you’re keen on making the most of reusable pouches, browse our other sizes, including large and medium.

      To find out more about Sinchies and our sustainable tools for enjoying healthy, nutritious meals and snacks, reach out to our team today.