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      Sinchies Kits FAQ

      What Are Sinchies Kits?

      Our kits are all our reusable products bundled into packages to suit individual needs. They come in handy whether you’re bulk cooking, camping or need kitchen storage. From smoothie kits to reusable food pouches, find the Sinchies kit that most suits your needs at home or on the road! 

      Kits are ideal for people who would like to try new products and for people who want to save while buying everything they need. Our kits come as a bundle-and-save deal. Check out our clean & fill kits and winter warmer kits for your outdoor adventures!

      Can I Find Sinchies Kits Designed for Smoothie Enthusiasts?

      Well, that depends. If the smoothie enthusiast in question is a baby that’s still on liquid foods, then yes! Our smoothie kits are perfect for when you want to bulk-prepare a bunch of smoothies, yoghurts or even soup.

      Are There Sinchies Kits Suitable for Camping and Outdoor Kitchen Storage?

      Yes, they are. Considering they are lightweight and easy to clean, they are the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure with your little ones.

      Can I Use Sinchies Kits for Freezer Storage?

      From fridge to freezer, they are ideal for storing all your liquid, semi-solid and solid food for your little one. Perfect for bulk preparation and storage of all your favourite meals.

      Are Sinchies Kits Environmentally Friendly?

      Yes, they are! In addition to being reusable, our plastics are BPA, phosphate and phthalates free - meaning it’s perfect for the planet and your family. 

      How Do I Clean and Maintain the Items in Sinchies Kits?

      Simply wash your Sinchies kits with warm, soapy water to get all the crusty bits out. With particularly rough patches of dirt,  soak them for a few minutes and wipe them down easily.

      Are Sinchies Kits Suitable for Family Meal Planning?

      Our kits are ideal for planning meals for work or school. Our Ultimate Reusable Kits are perfect for adults and kids alike. Since they come in different sizes, you can store anything from sandwiches to cooked meals.

      Can Sinchies Kits Help Reduce Kitchen Waste?

      Sure, they can. When you have efficient storage solutions, saving food becomes easy. Simply put your leftovers in one of our store and freeze kits, and you’re good to go.