Large reusable Ziplock Bags (sandwich)


      Thanks to Sinchies Large Ziplock Bags, travelling with your little one will be a breeze. Our easy-to-clean, reusable sandwich bags come in a variety of sizes and eye-catching designs, and they can be used to store food and even semi-solids.Ā 

      In an effort to contribute to a greener future, Sinchies reusable large ziplock bags bring you convenience without costing the planet. Our bags are designed to give you a guilt-free choice for toting your favourite snacks around.Ā 

      Perfect for a variety of uses, from food storage to organisation, our eco-friendly large Ziplock bags offer the quality and reliability you need while supporting a more sustainable lifestyle. Explore our collection and make a choice that benefits your family and the planet!

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      Large Ziplock Bag FAQ

      What Are Large Ziplock Bags?

      These versatile plastic storage bags are typically used for holding food items or organising various objects that could potentially leak out in your bag (like makeup or creams).Ā 

      Our ziplock bags are larger than standard sandwich bags and come equipped with a zip-seal mechanism that allows for an airtight and watertight closure. This feature makes them ideal for preserving the freshness of food, preventing leaks, and protecting anything from moisture and contaminants.Ā 

      Due to their size and durability, you could also use our Large Ziplock Bags for non-food storage, like organising household items, travel packing, and more, making them a practical solution for various storage needs.

      Can I Use Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags for Travel or Outdoor Activities?

      Sinchies' Large Ziplock Bags can indeed be used for travel or outdoor activities, offering several advantages due to their features. Here's a detailed breakdown:

      PortabilityĀ Ā 

      These bags are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack and carry. This is particularly useful for travel, where luggage space is at a premium, or for outdoor activities where you need to minimise your load.


      Sinchies bags are designed to store a variety of items, not just food. This means they can be used for organising small travel items like toiletries, electronics, or first-aid supplies or for outdoor activities to keep items like matches, maps, or snacks dry and accessible.


      The materials used in Sinchies bags are often durable and designed to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. This makes them suitable for the rigours of travel and outdoor environments.

      Water ResistanceĀ Ā 

      When sealed, these bags are waterproof, which means they can protect their contents from light rain or accidental spills. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor activities.

      Eco-FriendlyĀ Ā 

      Many Sinchies products are reusable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. This is a significant advantage for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

      Food SafeĀ Ā 

      If you're carrying snacks or meals, it's crucial that the storage solution is food-safe. Sinchies bags are generally made with food-grade materials, ensuring that they are safe for storing edibles.

      Ease of UseĀ Ā 

      The ziplock feature provides an easy and secure way to open and close the bags, which is convenient when you're on the move. The transparent or semi-transparent nature of these bags also makes it easy to see their contents, saving time when searching for specific items.

      However, it's essential to consider any specific requirements you may have for your travel or outdoor activities and ensure that the product you choose meets those needs.Ā 

      For example, if you need waterproof storage for activities like boating, you might need to look for bags specifically designed for waterproofing.Ā Ā 

      Can I Use Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags for Packing Sandwiches?

      Donā€™t let the Sinchies sandwich bags limit what you put in them! Just because it has a sandwich in the title doesnā€™t mean you canā€™t put in other things that might spill in your bag. From travel shampoo to soup, you can put in anything that your Sinchiesā€™ ziplock bag can fit.

      How Do I Clean and Maintain Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags?

      Our freezer-safe bags are easy to clean. Simply wash them out with warm water and soap like you would any of your plastic cutlery and let them air dry or wipe them down for immediate use.

      Are Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags Environmentally Friendly?

      Yes, they are! Our products are made from environmentally friendly plastic that is free of PVC, BPA, and phthalates, aka all the yucky stuff!

      Can Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags Be Used for Snacks and Other Foods?

      They sure can be! Fill your Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags with a variety of homemade or store-bought goodies and carry them everywhere. Whether youā€™re carrying around snacks for your little one or storing them in the freezer, Sinchies products always come in handy one way or another.

      Are Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags a Cost-Effective Choice?

      Yes, they are. Our bags are a great way to keep your costs at a minimum since they are reusable. You know what that means? No more single-use plastic!

      How Are Airtight Sinchiesā€™ Large Ziplock Bags?

      Sinchies' large ziplock bags are designed to be airtight. This means you can safely store things like food, even if they are semi-solid or liquid.Ā Ā