Reusable Ziplock Bags


      Our reusable ziplock bags are the new and fabulous alternative to single use disposable bags often used in many Aussie households. Making a simple swap to Sinchies reusable ziplock bags can save the environment from tonnes of waste each year not to mention the huge savings on your grocery bills. With Sinchies reusable ziplock bags you can reuse them over and over again, whilst saving space in your fridge and freezer and saving money each year compared to buying the single use alternatives.

      Use them for lunchboxes - buy in bulk and dispense your snacks into these, use them for sandwiches, wraps, sushi, fruit, as smoothie bags, freezer stash bags, fridge and freezer storage for fruit, vegetables, meat and cooked meals. Like our other products these are so versatile, your imagination is the only limit.

      FAQs About Reusable Ziplock Bags

      At Sinchies, our reusable ziplock bags are a fabulous alternative to single-use disposable bags that many Aussie households have been stuck using. 

      By making a simple swap to Sinchies reusable ziplock bags, not only can you save $100’s a year on your grocery bills, you can also save the environment from tons of waste each year!

      With Sinchies reusable ziplock bags you can reuse them over and over again, whilst saving space in your fridge. They are perfect for school lunchboxes for the kiddies, with plenty of room for snacks that stay fresh throughout the day. 

      If you buy in bulk, you’ll have plenty of space for a range of things around the pantry. Use them for: 

      • Sandwiches
      • Wraps
      • Sushi
      • Fruit
      • Smoothie bags
      • Freezer stash bags
      • Fruit
      • Vegetables
      • Meat
      • Cooked meals

      Yes, all of our Sinchies ziplock bags are free from any nasty toxins and are fully BPA/phthalate/PVC free. We want to give you peace of mind when your children eat their tasty snacks, at home, at school, on camping trips or whenever they feel peckish.  

      Each Sinchies ziplock bag is made to fit perfectly into a school lunch box. Make your kiddie's lunch a fun time with some patented Sinchies recipes, made with delicious flavours and nutritious ingredients:  

      Wash with warm soapy water with your own cleaning tools or use our handy cleaning brush. Use the larger end of the brush for the general clean and untwist brush to reveal a smaller brush which is perfect for the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies at the bottom of the ziplock bag. 

      Dry your Sinchies ziplock bags with our custom-designed drying rack for the best results, so you can get ready for meal prep for the next day. Some customers even like to wash their ziplocks, shake out the excess water and put them straight into the freezer to snap-lock the freshness straight away.

      The ziplock bags are completely reusable which reduces household waste; and with food waste accounting for about 3% of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, doing a little can go a long way when it comes to helping Mother Earth. 

      Help be a part of sustainable mums and dads all across Australia, with the Sinchies reusable ziplock bags. 

      Of course! Using a Sinchies ziplock bag is not only convenient, but it can reduce plastics when you take the family out camping. Now you don’t need to throw away single-use bags, cling wrap or energy gel pouches.

      Keep the campsite clean for your family and others with the Sinchies reusable ziplock bags.  

      Yes, just account for any liquids expanding when they freeze. For a convenient solution, you can use the Sinchies Store & Freeze Kit

      If you don’t fill the whole thing up, simply roll it over and peg it so you can still save space in your freezer just like our other ziplock bags. We find that these save so much space for parents compared to conventional plastic containers.

      Whilst you can’t customise your Sinchies ziplock bags with your own print designs, you can easily personalise them with a permanent marker (before filling) and then easily rub it off with eucalyptus oil. This makes it easy to know who’s ziplock bag is who’s, so it doesn’t get lost at school or when on the go. 

      Each Sinchies ziplock bag still comes with fun and colourful print designs kids love, such as: 

      Contact us if you have any questions about your order or even about           refund options. We are here to help! x3x