Best Play Dough Recipe

  cup Salt
 1 cup Plain Flour
 2 tbsp Cream of tartare
 1 cup Water
 1 tbsp Oil
 a few drops of Glycerine (optional - this makes it stretchy and shiny)
play dough sinchies

Pour the water and the salt into a pot and stir over medium heat until the salt is dissolved.


Next add the rest of your ingredients - flour, cream of tartare and oil. Mix well until this becomes a sticky dough.


Next add the glycerine (if using). Allow the dough to cool and then separate into portions - make a well, and then add a few drops of colouring to each one and mix until combined.

Get ready to play with clean hands - and then store it in your Sinchies reusable ziplock pouches in the fridge.

Depending on what food colouring you're using some may stain hands and bench tops.

Recipe Info

Recipe Info

Yields1 Serving

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