How to Save $100’s by making one Simple Swap to Sinchies

How to save $100’s by making one simple swap….it’s not a myth, it’s true and it can be done very easily. By spending a few minutes a week filling your own reusable yoghurt, custard, fruit or baby food pouches you can save hundreds.

A small outlay can lead you down the right path to more free cash for whatever you choose – be it a holiday, wine or family adventures. Not to mention the single use items you’ll save from going into landfill.

Depending on the number of children you have, how many of these pre-filled pouches you usually buy and if you prefer to make your own or buy in bulk will depend on your saving. I’ve done some sums to show below which is based on the Aussie average of 2 kids per house hold (I could get technical here and say 2 1/4 kids) buying bulk yoghurt


  • $1.80/110g pouch x 365 days/year = $657 per child  
  • Average Aussie family has 2 kids – $657 x 2 = $1314 on yoghurt alone
  • 110g yoghurt x 365days = 40150g yoghurt per year
  • 1000g or 1kg yoghurt is roughly $3.45 depending on the brand
  • $3.45 x 40 1kg tubs = $138/year
  • 200 x 150ml Sinchies = $46 x 2 kids = $92 – Total cost of yoghurt & reusable pouches = $230
    Saving $1084 per 2 kids!

This is just on pouches alone. If you swapped your single use ziplock bags and cling wrap with Sinchies you could save even more a year but I’ll save that for another blog post.

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