To touch or not to touch a Preggy Belly

Touching A Pregnant Belly: To Touch Or Not To TouchWe’ve been chatting in the Sinchies packing room and on the Sinchies page about personal space and baby bellies. It seems that us Mums and Mums-to-be all sit at different places with this topic. Some people see it as a total invasion of privacy and others embrace the idea. A lot of us are in the middle where we’re happy with family and close friends touching our tummies, but a bit iffy or uncomfortable with random people in the supermarket coming up to touch our bump. Here’s what our Sinchies facebook followers had to say:

Sinchies Sam: Hmmmm, strangers touching your pregnant belly? Allowed or not?

I don't mind my friends or family touching my belly but randoms are not allowed! Touch my Bump, Go for it! Kristin: I'm totally fine with it. I like that people include my unborn and acknowledge it as they do my older children. Kasey: I honestly didn't have this problem. Not many strangers touched my stomach; and those who did, asked first. Friends and family were allowed to go nuts- I actually enjoyed the contact! It was nice. Hollie: Never worried me. I liked the fact it made other people happy too. There is much negativity in the world today. If touching a pregnant belly can make some one smile then line up people!!!! Jen: I was always cool with it. and Tanneal: I like it, never bothered me. Sommer would have preferred it to the comments she got: I would prefer that over the comments of how big I was! This time around I may just call them names back if I get it lol Marnie: I never use to mind especially if they asked it's a special time in your life and you have no clue what that stranger is going through or has been through often feeling an infant kick or squirm brings happiness to people so it may just be the smile they needed that day. Cherie had another way of looking at it: I tried so hard to get my baby bump i was happy to share it with everyone

Ok to a degree

Tara: It's always polite to ask first, but even some family go too far. A quick little patt is fine but rubbing the belly like its a budda belly is not on! Helen: Not if they don't ask first Krittie: Family ok, strangers a little awkward

Never Had To Worry About it!

Heidi: Most people were too scared to touch my giant twin belly lol Chloe: I never had a random Danielle: have never had a single stranger touch my belly they have asked questions and had a chat but never touched Kirra: No one has really touched my belly. . Besides a couple of friends and I'm fine with that..Strangers on the other hand would be weird

Stay Away From The Bump!

Michelle: It's actually assault. I have had random people & friends touch me through all my pregnancies and it is not okay. Told my friends this time how I felt so now they ask first before touching.... much better!! A couple of people posted photos of Hands Off shirts and there’s even one that says IF YOU DIDN’T PUT IT IN THERE DON’T TOUCH IT. Corryn: OMG I need this shirt if one more person rubs my belly I'm going to snap !!!! I loathe it !!! Katie: Gawd I needed one of these. I hated anyone touching my belly! Helen: I felt sick enough without randoms pawing my guts. Megan found another way to say hands off too: I'm gonna go with it's not Ok with me. Don't touch without permission. My body is MY temple, not yours Maiken had a crazy incident to share! NO. A friend of mine was in the showers at the swimming pool. Completely naked and this stranger comes up and touched her belly. She almost had a baby there and then she was that shocked. Hayley had someone kiss her tummy! Crossed the line for her. Melanie: I had a lady nearly leap across my work desk in my shop to touch my belly Krystina-marie definitely not, that was the one thing that bothered me when I was pregnant with my daughter. Amy was always a definite no: No way!! Hated it from everybody family and friends included!!! It’s not just the belly touching. People touch babies and prams too! Cindy : Used to HATE this! And even worse, once bubs was born & in the pram asleep, strangers taking off the blanket to look at her. What the? Katie got her revenge! I don't like people touching my belly (especially my belly button) when I am pregnant... My sister went to touch my belly button yesterday and she got zapped from some electricity in my body - I thought it was the perfect punishment Danielle thought she’d put a stop to it too! Haha. I never liked strangers touching my prego belly. A guy I knew through work kept touching my belly saying "how's it going" while rubbing - I thought I'd show him how uncomfortable it was by doing the exact same thing to his beer belly. Needless to say he NEVER touched my belly again Kylie: Honestly I didn't mind, it was always lovely old ladies and if touching my pregnant belly made them smile then that's fine by me people are just so uptight these days. So the Sinchies conclusion is if you’re desperate to touch a preggy belly, just ask first! You might be welcome and you might not! Want to make yourself a shirt to keep strange hands off your bump? Try ebay, zazzle or cafepress or support handmade on etsy or madeit! I had a good laugh at one on cafepress with a picture of a watermelon slice on it that says “I ate a seed” See the full range of Sinchies products in our online store

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