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Starting your Baby on Solids: This is What You’ll Need to Make an Easy and Smooth Transition

"The only way our little girl will eat her dinner is when it's in a Sinchies pouch!! A happy baby means a happy Mummy! Thank you for the amazing products" - Mady D

It’s that special and somewhat daunting time—starting your baby on solids. For the first 4-6 months, or thereabouts, of your baby’s life, they’ve survived purely on breast milk and/or infant formula. And now it’s their first big food leap, into the wondrous world of solids! Even though your baby may be showing interest in starting solids, actually getting the food into their mouth can be a whole other challenge. At first the food is likely to end up everywhere other than in their tummy: on their face, in their hair, on the furniture, even on the family cat or dog. So when you're starting your baby on solids, here’s what you’ll need to make it an easy and smooth transition.

Why the texture of the food is important when starting solids

When your baby is first starting solids, the texture of the food you offer them is quite important. Up until this point they’ve only consumed liquids, so by offering foods that are close to this in texture, they will feel more familiar to your baby. This means starting your baby on a whole lot of pureed food.

How Sinchies can help when introducing solids

Here at Sinchies, we know what it’s like when you’re trying to introduce your baby to solids: things don’t always go according to plan or as smoothly as you might have hoped. That’s why we’ve developed our products with parents in mind. We want to help make life that little bit easier for you, and more enjoyable for your baby.

Here are our top picks of products when starting solids:

Sinchies 80ml reusable food pouch

We know when you start feeding your baby - all you want is to give them the best of everything. With these reusable food pouches, you can cook your own baby food and take it with you avoiding pre made sachets found in grocery store that are expensive and often filled with additives and preservatives. Our Sinchies 80ml pouches are the perfect size for puree, yoghurt and so much more. Ideal for starting solids. Available in two cute prints. To view our larger 150ml pouches - click here.

Sinchies 140ml pouches

Our Sinchies 140ml pouches are the perfect size for storing baby food puree. They’re also great if you’re planning to be out and about with your baby as you can fit ice cubes of frozen puree in them. These are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free and of course freezer safe. You can also use these pouches to store and freeze breast milk.

Child safe anti-choke lids

Starting your Baby on Solids: This is What You’ll Need

People use our Sinchies pouches for all kinds of things (even to store sunscreen!). But as you’ll be using them to feed your baby, we highly recommend getting a few of our special child safe anti-choke lids.

Sinchies less mess lids

Our less mess lids are made from high grade silicone, so they’re nice and soft on your baby’s mouth, and completely safe. They’re also a great ‘no spills’ solution when starting your baby on solids.

Sinchies weaning spoons

Our weaning spoons make starting solids so much easier. Simply screw them on to the end of your pouch and squeeze! The puree will come right out on to the spoon, ready to feed your baby. With these special products, starting solids can be so much fun! And instead of worrying about how to start your baby on solids, or what to use, you can get to back to bonding and enjoying the ride.

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