80ml Reusable Food Pouches


      Yoghurt, Lunchbox and Energy Gel Food Pouches 80ml Looking for an easy way to save money? Preparing various lunch snacks from home is certainly a great way to cut costs. Our handy 80ml Reusable Food Pouches have been designed to be similar in size to the yogurt squeezes bought from the supermarket. Simply fill your reusable, easy to use pouches with homemade yoghurt or similar healthy snack foods and pop them in their lunchboxes. With an easy to suck spout, your kids can squeeze out their lunchtime snack with no spoon necessary. These pouches are also great for athletes to store their energy gels and nutrition drinks or an ideal option for everyone on international flights with the 100ml liquid restriction. The only limit with the Sinchies 80ml reusable food pouch, is your own imagination!