Sinchies Review: Starter Kit Reviewed By Family Deal Friday

Sinchies Starter Kit reviewed by Family Deal Friday

Thank you Family Deal Friday for reviewing the Sinchies Starter Kit!

Sinchies Review: Starter Kit Reviewed By Family Deal Friday

Date of Review: 22nd April 2014 Product reviewed: Sinchies Starter Kit

Sinchies Packaging:

The Sinchies Starter Kit arrived packed in a parcel bag with individual pieces in their own original packaging. The parcel also contained flyers about Sinchies and the variety of items available inside the kit.

Sinchies Instructions:

A handy hints sheet is included in the Sinchies Starter Kit that shows basic instructions for use, however they are very easy to use. Washing instructions are also included on this sheet with tips on how to get the best out of your Sinchies pouches.

Who are Sinchies suitable for?:

Suitable for all ages, just be careful that lids are removed before giving to babies and toddlers, as they are a choking hazard.

Quality of Sinchies materials:

The pouches and lids are all made of durable plastic that can withstand prolonged use, washing and heating. They are strong enough that they are unbreakable with normal use. The cleaning brush and funnel are also well made and durable, ideal to clean and fill your Sinchies pouches.

Value for money:

The Sinchies Starter Kit retails for $40 plus postage. This is fantastic value for a product that is so versatile and may be reused time after time. Individual costs also work out much cheaper than buying baby food pouches or yoghurt pouches in individual serves.

Would you recommend this product and business to others?

I would definitely recommend this product and business to others. Sinchies are a wonderful product with such a wide range of uses from holding homemade baby food, yoghurt and storing sauces as well as spices. They may be used for many years and are able to be frozen as well as refrigerated. They are suitable for babies through to school-aged children. They are easily cleaned using the brush included or may also be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher. The funnel makes it so easy to fill the pouches, especially when filling the smaller pouches from the 1 litre pouch. The new squeeze pouch is also ideal to make yummy homemade frozen treats, a great afternoon-tea snack. The included labels also make it easy to identify the date and contents of each pouch. Sinchies have been a wonderful business to deal with, excellent customer service and fast delivery. Their website is also super helpful with a variety of recipes to help put your Sinchies to good use.


This product has saved my sanity in getting my daughter to eat vegetables. If these are placed on her plate she simply refuses but placing smoothie like vegetable blends in the Sinchies has had her asking for more. I have also found them super handy and money saving for yoghurt as I buy a large tub and can now portion it into the smaller Sinchies then freeze for a nice cool treat. Visit the Sinchies online store.

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