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Simple Sustainable Swaps: How to Save Money and the Environment with Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches

At Sinchies we’re always trying to come up with new ways to help save the environment and save you money at the same time. We also know how important convenience is - that’s why our products are so easy to use and clean. So if you’re still buying disposable products like clingfilm and ziplock bags to store your child’s food, or buying single-use products like yoghurt, then it’s time to consider Sinchies and our reusable ziplock bags with a spout.

With a few minor changes to your routine you can drastically reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill. Some recent figures from the US indicate that more than 15 billion (yes, billion!) disposable food pouches have been dumped in landfill. And this is just the waste from one country. While Australia is a smaller country, the figures here are bound to be similar, relative to our population.

So what can you do to help reduce this massive (and unnecessary) waste issue? Below we’ve listed some simple sustainable swaps that are guaranteed to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as save you money and are just as convenient as disposable products.

Clingfilm and ziplock bags

Most people who use clingfilm or ziplock bags only use them once or twice before throwing them out. Why? With so much going on as a parent, it’s easy to forget that you’ve left a ziplock bag with food scraps in a backpack… and within a few days it can get a bit stinky. Or, you might spill some milk or formula in one of these bags, which may deter you from reusing it for hygienic reasons. The problem is that these types of plastic bags aren’t designed to be washed and used repeatedly - but Sinchies pouches are!

Our range of food pouches means you’ll never need to buy (and throw out) another clingfilm or ziplock back again!

Here are some of our reusable ziplock bag sizes:


Sinchies reusable snack bag designs


Sinchies reusable sandwich bag designs


Sinchies reusable wrap bag designs

extra large

Single-use yoghurt pouches

It’s great to have yoghurt with you when you’re on an outing with your child or running some errands - kids just love yoghurt! But you don’t need to spend all that extra money on single-use yoghurt pouches.

All the big supermarket chains sell small yoghurt pouches marketed at children (and parents shopping for their kids), but there’s often no difference between the yoghurt in the single-use pouches and the yoghurt in large tubs that is marketed at adults. So you don’t need to buy them.

In fact, you have more choices with the larger tubs. Products like natural yoghurt and Greek yoghurt are even better for your child as they contain no sugar, whereas the single-use kids’ pouches pretty much always do.

So here’s a really simple sustainable swap. Ditch those single-use yoghurt pouches and start buying healthier yoghurt in bulk. This will save you quite a bit of money on your weekly shop, will be better for your child, and will save all those single-use pouches from ending up at the tip.

Exciting reusable yoghurt pouches for kids

Reusable yogurt pouches don’t have to be boring either! We have pouches that will excite your child just as much as the singe-use ones in the supermarket.

Check out our reusable yoghurt pouches that have fun designs for kids:



Sinchies 140ml reusable pouch



200ml top spout reusable pouches

Cheese sticks, mini rice cakes and other kids' food

Now that you’re on a roll, why stop with yoghurt? Think about all the other kids’ food you buy that comes in individual wrappers. For example, cheese sticks and mini rice cakes. Instead of buying a pack of cheese sticks, why not buy a block of cheese and cut it up as you go? Then use our Sinchies reusable food pouches to keep it fresh.

The same goes for any other snack, like mini rice cakes. Buy one big packet and portion out servings as you go. It’s a really simple way to save money and the environment, and it won’t take you any more time. In fact, you might find yourself having to visit the supermarket less and less!

Check our the full range of Sinchies reusable food pouches... there's a size and style to suit every need!

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