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As I've mentioned before I like to make my own baby foods, and so far the boy-o has loved everything we've tried! He's a real food machine and his introduction to solids has gone incredibly well. We're up to two meals a day now and they are by far his favourite part of the day. He's not a very messy eater but we still hadn't attempted to have a "solids" meal while we were out before, even if it was his usual meal time--we would just bring a bottle instead because that seemed easier. Recently I received some Sinchies food storage pouches in the mail to review, and on Monday we were out of the house all day at the new Ripleys Aquarium (which is AWESOME by the way), so that seemed like the perfect opportunity to test them out!  I decided to test out the two smaller pouches which hold 80ml and 140ml. I added two ice-cube sized servings to the smaller bag, and three ice-cube sized servings to the larger bag. Both bags still had room to add more if needed, but that's all the boy-o eats so far at a meal! The smallest one was a little difficult to fill because the opening isn't very big, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly and the medium sized one was no difficulty at all. Once the bags were filled I closed the double ziplock seal at the top and popped them into the lunch bag. There was no leaking! When it was time to feed the boy-o it was super easy! I just removed the cap and squeezed the puree out onto a spoon. It was mess free and really easy to get the puree out. Older children can even skip the spoon phase and simply suck out the food from the pouch via the spout. IMG_00001684

When it started to get down to the last little bit I rolled the bag like you would a toothpaste tube to make sure we got it all out, and we managed to squeeze it pretty clean.

The Sinchies meant we didn't need to bring a bulky glass jar or tupperware container, and we had the double benefit of bringing our own puree as well as the container being washable and re-useable for less waste. It was really convenient and easy to use, and it washes out really easily too with a quick swish of a bottle brush. According to the website they are dishwasher safe as well, which we sadly don't have. Anyone want to send me a dishwasher to review?! 

Another important feature of the Sinchies for me is that besides being dishwasher and freezer safe is that they don't contain any BPA, Phthalate and PVC--because if you're going to take the time to make your own baby food you don't want to then stick it in a BPA filled container! The Sinchies made our first "solids on the go" meal a total success, and now I'm not so nervous about feeding the boy-o while we're out and about. I'll definitely be recommending these things to all my mom friends who make their own baby food, and even to those who use pre-jarred stuff because they are way easier to carry around than a bunch of glass jars! They're eco-friendly, convenient and mom-friendly! They're also quite reasonably pricedand you can mix and match which sizes you want to order. Overall I give the Sinchies a 9/10, and look forward to reusing them for many meals to come!

How do you manage meals on the run with your infant?

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