Keep on top of your Paleo Diet with Sinchies

Paleo friendly snacks on the go!

The Paleo diet is about switching to high nutrient dense, whole foods way of eating, whilst avoiding foods known to cause allergies, irritations and health problems in the body. Going Paleo is a conscious choice to avoid packaged food laden with sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and all kinds of other hidden nasties. Though sticking to a strictly Paleo diet can be tough when you are just starting out, particularly with our busy lifestyles. More often than not you’ll wind up paying top dollar for the healthier, shelf-ready snack alternatives in your bid to avoid your old eating habits.

To ensure that you are always able to keep on top of your healthy eating habits, no matter what your week ahead brings, it definitely pays to plan your meals ahead of time. This is where easy, mess-free, snacking alternatives that can be eaten at any time or place will help get you through to the next meal and avoid that ever-tempting, drive-thru thick shake even on a hot day!

Why not try using Sinchies 200ml or 500ml pouches, perfect for liquid snacks on the run. Plan ahead by stocking up your fridge and freezer with some of our top 10 Liquid Snacks recipes for on the go people:

Sweet Drinks:

·         Coconut milk kefir

·         Paleo smoothies

·         Paleo strawberry protein shake

·         Paleo porridge

Savory Dips:

·         Guacamole

·         Paleo hummus

·         Baba ghanoush

·         Sweet potato

·         Beetroot

Sinchies also stocks a range of snack and sandwich bags for all your non liquid snacks, for those days you have a little more snacking time!

Here are our top 5 favourite non-liquid snacks:

·         Activated nuts

·         Paleo gummy snacks

·         Kale chips

·         Paleo brownies

·         Cauliflower popcorn

Sinchies pouches come in a range of sizes from 80mls up to 1 litre, so you can organize meal sizes for the whole family. All of our Sinchies pouches and other products such as Australia’s first reusable sandwich and snack bags are completely resealable, durable and refillable, helping the environment and your wallet. Why not check out the full product range and order your free sample to get started on your health snack prepping or paleo diet today!

Paleo Diet Snacks Using Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches

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