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Need holiday snack ideas?

  It’s school holiday time again! So if you’re searching your brain (and the internet) to find some new holiday snack ideas to keep your kids fed and happy, Sinchies have what you need right here. Whether you stay at home on your holidays, or travel a short or long distance, we understand the importance of great snacks.

Do your kids need a break from school lunches?

During school term, having a routine lunch menu can save you time and energy, as well as give you some peace of mind that your child is likely to eat what you give them. If you introduce big changes or surprises to their lunchbox, they may simply go to waste. And we all like to know that our kids are eating at school, don’t we? Holidays can be a great time to introduce new types of food into your child’s diet, especially if you’re staying at home. You can try out new snack ideas and monitor how they go with them. You’ll be able to see for yourself what they like and what they don’t (regardless of what they might tell you!). Then, based on how your new snack ideas go, you can then add them to your regular school lunchbox menu when school starts again.

How to keep kids happy on the go

Going on a holiday is supposed to be relaxing—that long-awaited opportunity to unwind, right? That can certainly happen when you arrive at your destination, but getting there can be quite stressful. If you’ve travelled with small children before you’ll know that transit time can quickly become a nightmare if you’re not prepared and don’t have food at the ready. Great holiday snack ideas will help keep your kids happy and you relaxed. When you’re on the go, they can be the difference between a good or bad start to your holiday. So set the happy holiday tone early with some help from Sinchies!

Looking for holiday snack ideas links?

At Sinchies we have some fantastic holiday snack ideas for kids of all ages. Our reusable food pouches make travelling so much easier and cheaper. We have countless recipes for meals and snacks that your children will love. In fact, we have a whole section of our website dedicated to snack recipes. Some favourite holiday snack ideas include:

Want all Sinchies recipes?

Want a whole lot more holiday snack ideas? To view or search our full list of recipes, visit our recipes page! You’re bound to be inspired.

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