Kids & Adults Activity Pack-11

Great Activities while inside for Kids and Adults

I'm getting so creative now that I'm inside with my family - spending some quality time together and slowing down a tad. I appreciate my kids more, I am fully emerged in their play, wanting to teach them & school them well, show them how to be a kind human and build those ever lasting memories. I'm a planner and need to know what I'm doing everyday, I'm not a very good on the spot thinker so I spend my evenings researching things I can do with the kids. Language, Maths, Science, Geography, Home Economics, PE ........ So I thought why not share some of my ideas with you all? I created this awesome Kids and Adults activity pack with this list of ideas and recipes - I am gifting one to a friend and have posted it in the mail - I think she will appreciate the activities to keep her kids entertained and the kids, well I know how much I loved  receiving my very own thing in the mail! In this kit is Unicorn biscuits Unicorn biscuits Sandwich/Cookie Cutter - I use this for sandwiches of course - but also for cookies and crackers. My go to cookie recipe is here - when they've cooled the kids have a ball decorating them (and making the biggest mess ever) - the crackers I make with left over wraps - spray lightly with oil sprinkle with seasoning and pop in the over for 10 to 15minutes to get crispy. Another great cracker recipe are these cheesy crackers! I portion these out in my snack pouches and make a snack station so my kids can just go to the fridge and grab a pack out. Perfect when you're home and to stop the "I'm hungry" every 5 minutes   Playdough storage Playdough storage Snack Pouches - As well as snack storage - I use these for storing things like Play doughCloud Dough, Slime and Homemade Paint. Other snacks I make include bliss balls, popcorn balls, yoghurt drops, jelly lollies & muesli bars.         sinchies ice block pouches sinchies ice block pouches Ice-block Pouches (aka pops) - My kids just love ice-blocks! And I prefer to give them ones not full of additives, colourings and other stuff - so we make our own! My son Jordi often has one for breakfast and I totally don't mind as it full of healthy nutritious stuff. I either pop left over smoothie in these or make some recipes from here. These don't just stop at kids though because hubby and I make Alco-Pops - Yup yummy Mudslide Pops, even Champagne Pops. We ensure these are labelled well, put into a plastic container and kept out of the reach of our children.     smoothie pouch smoothie pouch Smoothies - I find these an awesome way to get added nutrition into my kids easily! Giving them a vegetable in their smoothie means one less for me at night time to try and battle with - I'm an avid veggie smuggler, the more we eat during the day the less we have to eat at night time. We often build our own smoothies and this is a great way to get kids feeling in control, making good food choices and getting all the benefits. So what we do when we build our own smoothie is Choose 1-2 types of fruit, 1 type of vegetable, Some protein (nuts, seeds, yoghurt), Healthy fats (Avocado, nut butter, chia sees, coconut flakes), Liquid (water, coconut water, milk, juice) and extra flavour like cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric, lemon, mint etc You can also find a list of smoothies here. Other ideas for the reusable spout pouches is homemade jelly, custard, yoghurt and fruit crushes. Depending at what age and stage your kids are at, they will be able to chose something from here to make! DIY Steam fresh veggies Sandwich bags - Well they are for what they say BUT they're also really great for storing crackers and cookies amongst other food items like smoothies bags & steam fresh vegetables. They're great for taking on Scavenger hunts - I sent my daughter out with one the other day to look for 3 leaves, 2 bugs, a stone, two flowers.........I won't say anymore otherwise I'll spoil it but you can only guess. It took her ages and it was fabulous to see her so engaged. You can find the Scavenger hunt printable here. We also made a big bulk lot of play dough and to stop it from drying out we popped it in here. We also made some homemade clay and some ice-paints which we stored in here in the freezer. Last but not least we as parents need to survive these times and what better way than some delicious cocktails or if you don't drink some Mocktails? Stored in a 1litre pouch so it's ready for when you need it!

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