Easter Ideas for Kids that Don't Involve chocolate

Easter Ideas for Kids that Don't Involve Chocolate

It's a quandary faced by every health-conscious parent... how do we limit the crazy amount of sugar we feed our kids, without losing the fun and magic of Easter? Have no fear, we're here to help with EIGHT wonderful ideas to delight every child and save Mum and Dad from those horror chocolate high crash and burns!

Bunny Tails

Mini marshmallows are a great non-chocolate alternative for kids and they absolutely love the idea that these little cuties are bunny tails.

We offer Free Printable Easter Toppers when you purchase our reusable snack bags make a very-affordable, unique and sustainable Easter gift idea.

Cookie Stamps

These are super duper cute! Bunny ears, face and feet – these cookie stamps are from a local business here on the Sunshine Coast – G3D Printing Solutions.

This year I’ll be making some cookie dough using this honey cookie recipe and gifting these tasty treats to all my nieces and nephews along with a set of stamps for a bit of Easter fun.

Playdough Carrots

A great gift idea for toddlers! Simply make up a batch of orange playdough (view recipe here), pop it into some triangular shaped bags (or make your own using Sinchies snack bags as pictured), feather a piece of green paper or ribbon and tape it to the top. This along with a cookie cutter, plastic eyes, pom poms etc is hours of endless fun!

Easter Eco Activity Boxes

Our friends at Poppy & Daisy have come up with some wonderful chocolate-free Easter gifts for ages three and up.

Choose from an Easter Egg Rock Painting Activity Box or an Easter Playdough Activity Box.

Bath Bomb Easter Egg Carton

These are da bomb! The perfect answer to a chocolate-free gift this Easter. Conveniently packaged in a six slot egg carton, and scented in six different fragrances, Mana Home+Bath+Beauty have taken the guess work out of Easter for you. Hop on over to their website to check them out (while stocks last).

DIY Hot Chocolate

It’s getting a bit cooler here in Queensland so there's nothing my kids love more than a special warm chocolate drink with marshmallows. I make my own hot chocolate mix (view recipe here) and pop two tablespoons into a reusable pouch with a few marshmallows. This is great for encouraging their independence too, because they can make their own without filling half the mug with chocolate mix. You can also download our FREE PRINTABLE EASTER TOPPERS.

Personalised Bunnies

If you want to add a long-term keepsake to the Easter stash, these personalised Jellycat Plushies are super soft and come in such a fabulous range of sizes and colours.

Personalise them with your child’s name and even the year, they’ll remember and love them for years to come!

Sensory Collection

If you’ve got a Peter Rabbit Fan or a child who loves sensory activities you have to check out these Cheeky Money Sensory Kits! How can you not want them all?

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