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Campers & Hikers: Find Out How You Can Help Reduce the Impact of Plastics on Our Environment

As a topic of rising social debate over the past few years, it may be time to start seriously thinking about the impact that we are all having on our environment. A staggering amount of commercial, communal and charity-based industries are beginning to recognise the impact that our waste has, especially single use plastics. With bars swapping out plastic straws for recyclable or reusable ones, and supermarkets charging for plastic bags, it's time to start asking what we, as individuals, can do to reduce our waste. When we want change from a package holiday or organised luxury As campers, hikers and pioneers of the healing nature of the great outdoors, we should make it our utmost priority to be more environmentally conscious. Besides, no one wants to hike through - or camp in - a plastic graveyard! Our environment is becoming ever more urbanised, cramped and full of waste, but there are small steps that we can take to start working toward a plastic-free future. Little changes by each person equate mass change too, so let's work together and start clearing our environment, and indeed our lives, of the single-use plastic that’s destroying our planet.

simple plastic swaps sinchies Stop littering

Plastic pollution is the reality of a modern, thoughtless and commercially focussed world, but stopping the disastrous impact of it can be just as simple as not dropping an empty packet on the ground. Being in the countryside, there is a distinct lack of bins, so while there is more opportunity for recycling in the homes or office based initiatives, there is still no excuse for unnecessary littering. There are so many beautiful corners of our earth - all great camping and hiking locations - so let's work together to keep them clean, fresh and free of plastic!

Take a bin bag with you

If you are heading out on a camping trip or hike than take a bin bag with you. This super simple and hassle free task could be the difference between a pleasant and unpleasant walk for others. Not only will you be able to properly dispose of any of the waste that you have, but you can pick up other people’s too. Think about it. If every hiker picked up just a few old wrappers or rubbish that they spot during their trek then surely our natural environments will have a lot less waste in them! This is not only vital for preserving national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty, but for the world too. Here at Sinchies we participated in National Clean Up Australia Day and helped to clean up our nearby park. The children were so excited to pick up rubbish and participate in a community event.

Reusables versus single use

The media has been covering a lot of stories on the effect of single use plastics on our natural world, and it’s indisputable that these products produce negative effects. Whether it’s landfills whose plastic waste will take years to biodegrade, or whether its sea life that is suffering due to our negligence, the destruction of plastic is evident. One of the best ways to start reducing this on a personal level is through the use of reusable, rather than single use, products. If you are heading to the great outdoors then take a reusable water bottle, rather than lots of single use ones. Take reusable ziplock bags instead of single use ones. Take reusable ziplock bags instead of cling wrap. Take reusable pouches instead of single use energy gel pouches. Take proper cutlery rather than plastic ones. Make packed lunches rather than buying over packaged meal deals. Use tissues instead of wet wipes. Take a backpack rather than a throw-away carrier bag. With so many alternatives available, there really is no reason not to start changing the way we think about the plastic products that we buy. There are so many small things that each of us can do in our daily lives to reduce the effects of plastic waste on our environment. All it takes is a little bit of thought, effort and will, and together we can help to preserve our environment. As campers and hikers alike, looking after our environment is in our best interests. So let's work together to keep our campsites and trails clean, happy and healthy! Guest Post written by Mary Ellen Simper from Discount Promo Codes

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