Energy Gel Container / Bottle Storage Alternative

Energy Gel Container / Bottle Storage Alternative – Sinchies

If you’re a particular kind of athlete—someone who regularly partakes in endurance events such as long-distance running, cycling, or even triathlons—then by now you’re no doubt well aware of the benefits of energy gels. They help refuel your body with essential carbohydrates, and boost your energy levels at crucial moments, while also improving recovery time. But perhaps you aren’t aware of the benefits of using an energy gel container or bottle storage alternative such as Sinchies? Well let us enlighten you.

So why switch to Sinchies to store your energy gels? Firstly, you’ve probably discovered that buying individual sachets can get expensive pretty quickly. By using Sinchies products you can save money by buying energy gel in bulk. Secondly, the individual sachets create a lot of waste, as the packaging required to store the gels is not usually recyclable. Whereas Sinchies products are reusable. And thirdly, our products are more practical to use than the often messy, single-use sachets.

Buy energy gel in bulk and save money

Energy Gel Container / Bottle Storage Alternative – Sinchies

By using Sinchies reusable storage products as energy gel containers, you can wave goodbye to those expensive single-use sachets, and start buying in bulk.

Most brands of energy gels are also available in large sachets that contain around 15 servings. You can then distribute as much gel as you need at a time into your Sinchies pouches. We have products with storage sizes including 80ml, 140ml, 200ml and 500ml.

After you’ve used one of our Sinchies pouches for energy gel storage, you can simply wash it out and re-use it hundreds of times.

Sinchies are easier to use than sachets or bottles

Energy Gel Container / Bottle Storage Alternative – SinchiesEnergy gels that come in single-use sachets may seem convenient, but if you’re in the middle of a marathon, bike ride, or triathlon, you may have experienced how awkward and messy they can quickly become. You often have to tear off the top and consume all the sticky gel at once, then carry the sticky sachet with you till you find a bin. And using bottles can be cumbersome.

Sinchies storage products are convenient and resealable. You can consume as much or as little energy gel as you need at different points of the journey. There’s no mess and no fuss. Sinchies are a practical solution to energy gel storage.

Reduce waste by using Sinchies as energy gel storage

Athletes who enjoy exercising in nature usually have a healthy respect for the environment. So here’s another reason to switch to Sinchies for your energy gel storage: you can reduce waste by eliminating single-use sachets.

By simply buying your energy gel in bulk and distributing the product to Sinchies reusable pouches, you can help reduce the burden on the environment that you enjoy exercising in so much. Makes sense right?

Buy Sinchies storage containers online

Visit our Sinchies online store—we’re certain you’ll find the perfect products to use as energy gel containers and bottle storage alternatives.