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6 Kids Share Their All-Time Favourite Meals

We asked 6 kids to share their all-time favourite meals. Between complaining about veggies in their food and demanding dessert before dinner has even hit the table, there’s no denying that, bar feeding them a diet of sweets, a child’s tastebuds are hard to appease. No parent wants their children to eat pizza and chips every night, but it’s also very draining to work hard on a nutritious meal and then see it sit on a plate, uneaten. If you’ve ever wondered which healthy meals growing kids will actually enjoy eating, this article is for you! According Aussie mum-of-six Briony Bristina, kids “will eat healthy as long as there’s no junk food in the house. If there’s junk food, they’ll go straight for that. They tend to prefer raw veggies like carrot and cucumber sticks as opposed to cooked ones. They like a hot breakfast, which makes for a great start to the day. Things like porridge, eggs on toast – hearty, protein rich foods which warm them up, as opposed to carb rich foods like cereals.” Without further ado, here are six kids’ favourite meals that aren’t just chips and nuggets:

Beef stroganoff

Creamy, warm and rich in flavour, beef stroganoff is the ultimate winter comfort food. It’s likely the combination of pasta, juicy beef and creaminess that makes this a child-winning dish. It’s also a great way to sneak veggies into their diet thanks to the sauce, which masks the flavour of the mushroom and onion. Tip: Avoid chewy or dry beef by using a tender cut such as rib eye or tenderloin instead of topside. You can cook this in bulk too and freeze portions so you always have something healthy on hand – store portions in your reusable sandwich bags.


Stacked layers of beef, pasta and melted cheese make for a delicious and hearty dish that the kids will be flocking to the kitchen for. It’s also easy to hide veggies in a lasagne; simply make a puree of any veggies (or grate them) you have in the house and add it to your sauce. Things like tomato, zucchini, cauliflower, spinach and mushroom work great, and your kids won’t even notice them!

Haloumi salad

Mention the word ‘salad’ and the kids are likely to protest with a groan of disgust but put in the word ‘haloumi’ and they’ll brighten right up. Make a fresh haloumi salad with a spicy chimichurri dressing to add plenty of flavour and be amazed as your kids eat all the vegetables as well!

Creamy salmon pasta

Some kids can be a bit wary of fish, but this creamy salmon pasta dish is a great way to introduce it into their diet in an appealing way. It’s rich in protein and omega-3, especially if you add peas. A dash of garlic goes a long way, too. Its a great lunchbox addition and a nice quick lunch meal. I often make this and pop some into a sandwich bag with a fork – voila lunch on the run!

Steak and mashed potato

Steak and mash is a classic meal that Aussie kids have adored for generations. Simple and wholesome yet tasty, it’s an easy way to get protein, iron and veggies into their diet. Cooking a friend egg, adding mushroom sauce, or apple coleslaw is a healthier bonus! I used to have steak, egg and chips growing up with have a father who originates from the UK.

Cauliflower, walnut and chicken pasta

The chicken and cauliflower are a standout in this creamy, pasta-based dish, which – unsurprisingly – kids love. The creamy sauce is a great way to get kids to eat their veggies – add some onion for a bit of extra goodness. Tip: Use crumbed walnuts instead of whole ones to make it easier for them to eat.

Chicken, cheese and tomato sandwich

The humble sandwich is a favourite of kids across the nation, and there’s nothing quite like the chicken, cheese and tomato combo. Hopefully you can convince them to eat wholegrain bread – if not, there’s always white bread! Try toasting your kids’ sandwiches for a different food experience. You can also freeze chicken and grated cheese sandwiches in our Sinchies sandwich bags and grab one out when needed, add tomato and away you go


Try out some of these meals on your kids at your next dinner or birthday party, and store your leftovers in our reusable pouches or portion them up ready to go.    

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