Strawberry Coconut Yogo Recipe

 550ml water
 2 and 1/2 packets Coconut Milk Powder (I used Ayam, which does contain a small amount of milk protein). As a dairy free alternative you can use Coconut Milk Powder by Designer Physique or canned coconut cream as an alternative for dairy free.
 3 TBSP cornflour
 12 tsp Sugar free kids strawberry drinking mix
Strawberry Coconut yogo

Put all the ingredients into a saucepan and stir it continuously until it thickens.


Alternatively place all the ingredients into a microwave safe jug and stir until combined. Cook it on high for about 5 minutes, stopping it every 30 seconds so to stir as to stop any lumps. You may need to cook it for a bit longer depending on the strength of your microwave.


Thermomix users - place all the ingredients in your TM bowl. Whizz it for 20 seconds on speed 5. Set the temperature to 100, and cook it for 7 minutes on speed 3 (or until thick).


Place into a 1 Litre Sinchies Reusable Food Pouch.

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