Sinchies tube feeding kit


      If you're looking for a light, easy and convenient way to feed on the go - check out our 200ml and 500ml side spout pouches.

      Sinchies reusable food pouches have proven to be the perfect feeding aid for people with various medical conditions. Originally designed to feed babies and small children, Sinchies are now frequently used as an enteral feeding bag to allow people of all ages who have a disability or oral aversion to ingest the nutrients required to keep them alive and healthy.

      Professionals such as speech pathologists, dieticians and occupational therapists often recommend our range of reusable pouches as a gravity feeding aid.

      Our products can also be used to help people on a blended diet, and are suitable for use with G-tubes as well as Nutricia infinity feeding pumps.

      "THANKFUL FOR SINCHIES - I found out about Sinchies through an Australian tube feeding group I am in, a few years ago. When I started using pouches, it was life changing. We went from having to try and keep a little boy in one area, to he can run and play like a typical kid. So I am thankful for Sinchies. That is why I choose to continue to purchase them. We use both a G tube and the Nutricia infinity feeding pump." - Karla

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