Why our customers love sinchies

Why our customers love Sinchies reusable pouches

After 5 years in business and our customer database continuing to grow and repeat customers, I figured I must be doing something right! So I took to Facebook to ask our customers why the love us and this is what they had to say:

Alexandra J - I love using these for not just for my sons Prep lunches (he is fussy with his yoghurt) but also look forward when bub starts purée the endless options they allow to be taken out with us. I also like how they can be used for endless things like sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner for swimming lessons

Kerry B - I love that it gives us the choice of what our little ones are putting into their bodies! And it makes things cheaper as well

Peter W - ‪ The convenience ‪❤️ so easy for the young kids

Pamela K‪ - They are easy to clean ‪

Jessica T - Great for home made food on the go ‪

Jackie S‪ - Saves money and mess! So easy to have sitting in your fridge waiting for the little ones to get at. I love our Sinchies and can't wait to get my hands on the new 150ml design pouches

Kerry P - I love that I know exactly what my daughter is eating and it's so so easy to take out and about!! ‪

Angela S - Sinchies are so "cinchy" to use. They are versatile and perfect for the yummy home cooked deliciousness which I made to be taken in a lunchbox to work or school. ‪

Anna K - I have five kids who all love yoghurt but that's a lot of containers to keep in the house on rotation! These would be a massive space saver for me and I could fill with our home made yoghurt and natural fruit jelly! ‪

Zoë L - They make it so easy to make food at home and go out and about! ‪

Anna S - Convenient and it has enabled my bub to have healthy food on the go and at home. I love them and so grateful to have found them!! ‪

Becky T‪ - Great for our home made baby foods but that also have fab other uses too like suncream, travel shampoo, piping bag for cashew cream for cupcakes! ‪

Karen H‪ - I love how they don't take up any space when stored, not to mention saves a big mess and my money. Can't wait to try the new 150ml designs, cleaning will be even easier. ‪

Carmen S - These are great to be able to buy food in bulk to save money and still provide an easy and fun way for the kids to eat their lunches. ‪

Skye B - I love using these for not just my kids but me. I put sunscreen, salad dressing, sauce and even 3b cream in them. ‪

Ashley A - I received my first order this morning but im already loving the $$ ill save being able to make things myself and store them securely ‪

Colleen T - I love that they are reusable and are a great way for my daughter to eat yoghurt (her favourite) and other food so easily. Definitely saves money too! So many amazing reasons to have them! ‪

Sian T - Love that everyone in the whole family can get use out of this great product and the new colors on them are great ‪

Pamela K - I have loved Sinchies for a long time as it's convenient, cheap and enviro friendly to fill with my own food. The new design with spout at the top would be easier for my preschooler to get every bit of yogurt out! ‪

Kirsty H - I love these because they minimise mess! Have a baby ( with severe allergies) and a toddler i like the fact they can sit with the squeezie and not get yogurt everywhere! ‪

Erica N - Love them. I can buy natural yoghurt in bulk and fill them... cheaper, and the kids can then have their own yoghurt squeezies without all the sugar. ‪

Lottie G - I love these because they are so convenient and I know exactly what my baby and toddler are eating ‪

Meaghan O - Love these pouches, makes buying yoghurt in bulk easyily divided in the kids lunch boxes and eating sloppy food easy with a baby! ‪

Katie B - My 8 month old loves these, she literally goes crazy excited when she sees it coning her way ‪

Tash H - I love using these for my daughter for prep with yoghurts and custards‪. And with my bub who likes his independence for all him homemade purees ‪

Anita L - I love that there's 100s of different possibilities to fill them with & ease of use. My biggest love is making different flavoured yogurt & having them in the fridge ready to go or freeze them for that special treat on a hot day. ‪

Bec C - ‪I love that they're quick, easy and reusable ! My kids love them in their lunch boxes, on the go or to bribe their little brother for 5 mins peace and quiet! Even the big kids like them and no more busting yoghurt containers in lunch boxes an school bags!! I definitely need to get some more!!

Lizzie C - My son absolutely loves yoghurt and I have spent so much money on the pre packed yoghurts from the shop, I love the fact there so easy to fill and you can be ready to go in no time. ‪

Robyn K - With a new little one on the way in our family our thoughts are about healthy food options down the track. These certainly make that job a lot easier. Fun to use but knowing exactly what the ingredients are make them a must have ‪:)

Carly N - We have saved so much money on store bought yoghurt pouches since switching to sinchies and even better we can do our own dairy free yoghurt for Mr 4 ‪ ‪

Kirsty M - I love that it means my child will eat! Fussy miss with allergies is super picky and hates spoons so yogurt never used to be a go to in this house, but with these anything is possible! ‪

Fiona H -‪ I love their convience that they are good for the environment & my pocket ‪ ‪

Kylie J - These are great for the toddler/baby meals of puréed meals and yoghurt, they can hold them & sometimes feed themselves with less/no mess. ‪

Renee W - I can't live with out my sinchies! Perfect for my little girls lunch & saving big dollars using them.

Jaz B - So easy to use and great for on the go and their for the things you love to make yourself, ‪so you know it's healthy! ‪

Candice E - Our favourite!! I make my own yogurt know exactly what my kids eating and they love helping the environment at the same time!! ‪

Annette C - Naww my beautiful nephew who has autism will only eat yoghurt from Sinchies!!! ‪

Bec - ‪I love the spout on the top instead of the side, may pack better in lunchboxes. We love our sinchies. They save money, look cool and we can send our easiyo yogurt to school in Sinchies. ‪

Stacey S - My son loves these for his daycare lunchbox, he likes the top spout ones and the colours of these are awesome! Since having sinchies my kids now eat healthy yogurt and snacks easily ‪? they make it so fun! ‪ ‪

Sha L -  Totally reusable, affordable and what I put in there is endless. ‪

Emma G -  these are the best. I'm guaranteed the kids will eat their porridge if it's in these. Win win ‪

Amanda M - These are fantastic. I know what she is eating and if I am working and nanny looks after her she has her meals prepared and ready to go

Tyron -  I love that you can make your own food and know what your kids is eating. Plus you can give it to your kids in an easy pouch that won't cause a mess, plus they are reusable ‪

Hayley S‪ - Omg love these! My cupboards are full of drink bottles that take up so much room ! I ‪love that these can lay flat and save me some room in there ‪:) ‪

Theresa L - We love our Sinchies. They have been awesome to travel with ‪

Zoe G -  I love my sinchies for everything! They are great for yoghurt, smoothies, mayo, Dressings, baby food, sauces, paint the list is endless!! ‪

Kim O - I love that these products take away the need for individual throwaway plastic containers for yoghurt etc ‪

Karen C - They are clear, durable and have the opening at the top ‪

Elle B‪ - I love these! Such a useful invention! Practical, versatile, environmentally friendly and an essential household item! ‪ ‪

Sophie W - I love that I can make, store and feed my baby wonderful homemade food, full of nutrition and with no nasties. I love that Sinchies are so reliable and long lasting (I still have some I bought when my now 6 year old was a toddler) They're GENIUS! ‪

Adair C - I love that I am able to make my own food to put in these rather than having preservatives/additives/colours added and that they are a quick easy snack for on the go! ‪

Karlie S - These are a cost saver! They are reusable and better for the environment. We make our own yoghurt and other foods and waste so much money on products with packaging we end up chucking out ‪

Christina D - Locks in the freshness and allows our children to have nothing but wholesome and nutritious food! ‪

Emma B - These are great for endurance racing, especially for those who prefer to make & take our own nutrition. ‪

Beverley B - You can see & know what's inside - no nasty mould nightmare surprises that you can get in pouches from the supermarket! ‪

Charmaine S - I love using these to put fresh made yogurt in and salad dressing for work

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