Top 5 Sinchies Snacks for a Campervan and RV Road Trip

Campervan and RV trips provide a great way to get out and experience places you may not normally go. This often involves extended travel days and lengthy periods of time away from the amenities of home like a local food store or restaurant. Fortunately, most campervans and RVs include ample food storage areas, both warm and cold, for trips of this type. Here we will look at 5 of the tops snacks to enjoy on a campervan or RV road trip or while hiking and exploring. Before getting into the foods themselves let’s look at the best ways to store these foods on a road trip. In most cases, the foods we are going to be talking about are basic unprocessed foods which have a good shelf life without refrigeration. They are also stand-alone foods which can be easily packaged into small serving sizes which can be easily accessed while driving or in a packet or backpack on the trail. A great storage product for this purpose are the Sinchies reusable storage containers. They range in size from 80ml to 1L and are light weight, versatile, durable and reusable; so, they are great for their intended food storage purpose as well as for the environment. They are even available in packs specifically designed to meet the needs of campers and travelers.

1.) Jerky

Protein is an important part of your diet and there is no better source of protein while on the road then jerky. These dried meat products are available in wide variety of meats including beef, pork, chicken, turkey, elk, bison, salmon, tuna, trout and even exotics like alligator, ostrich, kangaroo wild boar and venison. For a good variety, each meat type can typically be had in a broad range of seasoned flavors including smoked, Cajun, pepper, lime and teriyaki. Aside from being an excellent source of protein, jerky is light weight, compact, easily divided into small portions and stores almost indefinitely at room temperature.

2.) Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates. They are available in a broad range of flavors and textures from the ubiquitous chewy raisin to crunchy dried banana chips. Like jerky, these can be easily packaged into small portions and can be stored at room temperature for long periods of time. Dried fruits are also very energy dense so even small portions can contain significant amounts of calories. The high calorie to size ratio makes them outstanding food sources in small spaces like a campervan or backpack. Great to buy in bulk in store serves in your reusable Sinchies snack bags.

3.) Nuts

Nuts are a great source of fiber, essential fats and proteins. Like the dried fruits, there are a broad range of options as far as the types of nut available. To add to the variety of options, nuts can also come roasted or raw, or with a broad range of seasonings. Raw, unseasoned nuts will be the healthiest choice, but their seasoned and roasted cousins are generally not too bad either. Storage and packaging in small portions are also easy – we use the Sinchies Pops for this. They are actually ice block pouches but hold a great portion of nuts. This is good because these are also very energy dense, so large portions are not necessary. Buying them unshelled is best. Without the shells they are much easier to work with and eat. The shells can help protect them from damage while traveling, but with our modern storage containers the benefit is not outweighed by the lack of convenience.

4.) Dried Breads

Croutons, pretzels, and crackers make excellent snacks in a campervan or RV. These are basically dried starch, which the body quickly converts to sugars for a quick boost in energy. Since they tend to lack the nutritional advantages of the previous three groups, they are best eaten in combination with one of those or in moderation when a quick energy boost is needed.

5.) GORP or Trailmix

Gorp, or trailmix, is a mixture of the above ingredients. By mixing them you obviously get the benefits offered by each group in one easy to store and portion snack. The huge variety of options available within each group will allow you to tailor a broad range of flavors as well as nutritional combinations. Finding something to snack on while on a campervan road trip goes a long way to making sure the trip is enjoyable and goes smoothly. Hunger can ruin a trip very quickly and can lead to making bad decisions that can snowball into bigger issues. Whatever your snack of choice, pack them in serving sized Sinchies pouches so you always have some on hand. The benefits of an RV include the ability to have refrigerated snacks as well. For something refreshing on hot summer road trips, you can pack the freezer full of Sinchies Pops so you can make your favorite flavor of ice pops, or ice cream bars to have on hand. These along with the other 5 snack options provide healthy, great-tasking food that make it easy to grab when you are hungry.

Thank you SO MUCH to our friends at Outdoorsy for these great suggestions!

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