The best birthday hacks


Planning a birthday party, whether for an adult for kids can get overwhelming so here we have our best birthday hacks for you.

As you run from one store to another to find different supplies useable in a birthday setup, you soon realize that there is a lot of ground to cover. Some people often prefer hiring a party planner and paying them, instead of going through the hassle. However, there is beauty in planning a party yourself. You can bring out the best aspects of the things that mean the most to you and the birthday girl or boy. For your kids especially, there is a ton of ways you can shop for different materials like containers and packaging pouches from the market and tweak them to a theme that befits the personality of your kid. Here are some of the best birthday hacks to help you get started: Use balloons Balloons are pretty much inexpensive but can spice up any birthday party. Use them for birthday games as well as for decorating. Mix up the colors and sizes to bring out the theme of your party. DIY face painting Kids love as much fun as they can get. Face painting sounds like a terrific idea. Instead of incurring the cost of a professional artist to do the job, you can do it yourself. Technically, you will need to purchase a face painting kit. You can also buy foam stamps in a variety of shapes to help in creating the perfect artworks. You also need to buy some extra tools like foam stamps and paint brushes, some of which can be reusable. Have the kids line up for face painting. You can also have the older kids join in the fun and help with the art. Be attentive to detail Getting a good kids party entertainment organizer is not as easy as people think. While kids may be all about fun, attention to detail is what will take the party to the level of fun they want. Children are very observative, which means the details in the birthday party preparations will matter. Consider custom making some of the items to bring out a personalized effect. DIY a cake with the awesome Woolies Cake hacks (on facebook) -  buy a cake from the supermarket and decorate it yourself. Or if you're after an ice-cream cake, but a tub and decorate it yourself. There are some very affordable decorations around. Prepare Individual Food Servings Having a party for kids can get messy and wasteful. Kids love to ‘bite and drop’ every chance they get. If you are not careful, you will have a lot of food wastage. Instead, pre-measure your portions for the snacks and have them packed for individual servings. You can get cupcake wrappers, reusable food pouches or lunch boxes and use them to have kids eat snacks individually, instead of dipping all their tiny hands in one bowl. Have a DIY Photo Booth You do not need to hire a professional photographer and have them bring a photo booth. You can select a nice piece of cloth or a sheet of balloons for the background, set up some props based on the theme of the party, then take the pictures with your camera or even your smartphone. Send the invitations digitally Technology is your go-to solution for this, instead of printing out birthday invitation cards that can be expensive, send out a text invitation using your smartphone or create an event on facebook. I find that some parents tend not to RSVP with printed invitations. Make it an activity party Children hate to sit and wait. So instead of doing everything for them, have the kids actively take roles in the party. The older kids can serve the young ones, as the young ones decorate gift favours for everyone to carry home afterward. If it is a cooking party, have the kids be part of the preparation process. This makes it fun while saving you money on having to hire a professional. Some great ideas are make your own pizza, decorate cupcakes or biscuits, put fruit onto kebab sticks, do some craft, play pass the parcel and use a "treasure box" instead of wrapping all the gift individually, play pin the tail on the donkey (or something like it), have a treasure hunt, eat donuts off a string......the party fun is endless. Take advantage of your backyard Planning anything with kids means there will be a great mess at the end. To save yourself the hassle of too much clutter in your house, along with broken valuables, capitalize on Mother Nature. Any free space you have outdoors will do the job. Further, outdoor fun for kids will be much more fun. You are luckier if the party comes in the summer. Final thoughts Your kids will appreciate every thought you put into planning their party. To get them excited about everything, ensure you keep the fun aspect of the party throughout the planning and implementation.

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