Soup For Kids: Yummy Recipe ideas

Sinchies List of Scrumptious Soup Ideas for Kids

We’re nearly at the end of winter! Nearly, but not quite there, so we thought we’d share some favourite soups suggested by Sinchies fans.

What is the favourite soup for kids?

In our last newsletter, part of the competition was to let us know your children’s favourite soup. (Newsletter? Giveaway? If you’re not subscribed, you’re missing out!) Who would have thought that plain old Pumpkin Soup would win by so much! So here’s the list and be sure to add your suggestions in the comments so we can update the list. Enjoy packing those Sinchies full of healthy soup for growing little ones! Take your soup Sinchies to the beach or park or back yard for a cosy winter lunch or snack in the winter sunshine. Soup For Kids: Yummy Recipe ideasSoup For Kids: Yummy Recipe ideasSoup For Kids: Yummy Recipe ideas

Top soups for kids as voted by you

  1. Pumpkin - It's a firm favourite in our house too. Not my favourite as a kid, but definitely a winner with my three kids.
  2. Pumpkin and... - Pumpkin and potato/sweet potato/couscous/apple/lentil/coconut cream/chicken were the delicious variations on the favourite!
  3. Chicken - Protein for growth and ‘big strong muscles’. Chicken and corn was a winner and of course Chicken Noodle, Chicken and Vegetable, and Chicken and Barley.
  4. Tomato - This was our favourite when we were little. One suggestion was Tomato and Meatball – definitely going to try that idea!
  5. Potato, Potato and Leek - I wouldn’t go near leeks as a child, but now Potato and Leek is my soup of choice. Add some bacon and it’s heaven in a bowl! Oops, I mean heaven in a Sinchies.
  6. Pea, Pea and Ham, Dutch Pea - anything green is good for you! You can call it Shrek soup!
  7. Vegetable - I salute all those mums who said that their kids favourite was vegetable! Share your secrets with us please! It’s a great idea to finish off the leftover veges for the week. My 11-month-old loves cooked celery, so that’s going in my next soup!
  8. Minestrone - The Classic!
  9. Cauliflower, Cauliflower and Cheese - Great idea for when cauliflowers are on special.
  10. Lentil, Lentil and Tomato - Super-duper lentils are high in protein, good for energy, are a source of fibre and iron and vitamins.
  11. Carrot and Cream Cheese - Because we all know that carrots make you able to see in the dark!
  12. Spinach - Really?! Your kids would choose spinach over pumpkin or chicken?! That’s awesome!
  13. Asparagus - Even more amazing than spinach!
  14. Beetroot - Another super food, and anything beetroot goes the best shade of pink!
  15. Zucchini
  16. Sweetcorn
  17. Sweet Potato and Pear
Soup For Kids: Yummy Recipe ideasSoup For Kids: Yummy Recipe ideasSoup For Kids: Yummy Recipe ideas Hopefully you’re now inspired to go and cook up a storm!

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