Sinchies go to Singapore - Product Review

Ever since B started solids, I've been preparing his purées almost everyday. It's hard enough to plan DH and my dinner everyday, wrecking my brain on what to serve on the dining table, I now have another person's meal to think about. Typically, B has his porridge in the morning and cereal late afternoon. And with his porridge, I cook it with a piece of 'bak tao' in the slow cooker. Bak Tao, if I translate it literally from hokkien is the meat near the pig's head. I'm not sure if it actually is but apparently this cut of the pig gives the porridge a great fragrant and flavour (note to self: reconfirm if indeed meat near head). Served with his porridge are usually sweet potatos, carrots, peas, pumpkin or salmon purées. As for his cereal, I serve them with fruit purées like apples, nectarines, pears. So you can imagine the amount of cooking, steaming and pureeing I do on a daily basis. With that, I will need storage solutions as well - something that I can freeze/chill and warm up nicely. I've used many things - those Avent 125ml milk bottles that I have so many, Avent storage cups, breastmilk bags, baby cubes. They all work fine but I am always game to try products that can store these baby food. When I heard of the Sinchies Reusable Pouches, I was eager to try and was sent a couple for reviewing. Here's how I used them: They come in different sizes: 80ml, 140ml, 200ml, 1L. Perfect for storing different food intended for different meals. For the purpose of this review, I made sweet potato puree. Usually, the sweet potatoes I get are the red-purple skin types and they are really sweet and delicious. But I came across the golden honey sweet potato the other day and thought I give it a try. Whilst the colour is not as appetizing, its taste is comparable. Whether you are cooking it with the skin on or off, I think its a good idea to scrub the skin clean before cooking. You could either steam or bake it, I chose the former. (I know, I know, don't judge me. I'm probably one of the very few mothers left not using a Philip steamer/blender. Don't get me wrong, I think that's a great product, but I'm used to this method. One day, I might get it. It's year end already, time for DH's company to give away department stores voucher. ;p ) Steam the sweet potato until tender, and transfer it to choice of equipment for blending/pureeing. I did get this hand blender which has been put to good use ever since. Happy with the consistency, it's now ready to be transferred to the Sinchies pouch. I prepared this the night before, so off into the fridge it went. When ready to serve, just warm it up in a cup/bowl of hot water. Squeeze them out of the pouch, easy and fuss-free. Give it a good mix, and it's ready for savouring. I think B approves because this was all that was left: What I liked about Sinchies pouches: - it comes in different sizes - can be sterilized (for the paranoid mothers like me) - perfect for on-the-go feeding - for older babies, you can serve them smoothies directly from the pouch What I feel could be improved: - the opening of the pouch, especially the 80ml pouch is a little too small to fill puree. Although there's no such problem with the bigger pouches. Might be a good idea to fill the 80ml ones with liquid. My verdict: it's perfect for on-the-go feeding and saves space in your fridge. I can imagine filling it with juices or smoothies for B next time. Probably not so much for every day use at home, but certainly for outdoors! To find out more, like Sinchies Singapore on their Facebook page. Disclaimer: I was sent the pouches for reviews but all opinions are mine.

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