Sinchies fits Infinity feeding pumps

When i designed Sinchies reusable pouches, one of my dreams and missions was to help families (in various ways). Nearly 2 years down the track and my dreams are coming alive in more ways than i thought possible! This one is humbling, heartfelt, warming, gives me the fuzzies and gives me the fire to keep on going, to achieve what i've set out to do. Sinchies helping children to lighten their load when using an Infinity feeding pump

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams - Oprah Winfrey"

This is my daughter with her Sinchies 200ml pouch attached to her infinity pump, we decorate the basket to match her clothes by putting head bands around it. She loves carrying it like this, unless we go to the park or somewhere she has walk a fair bit then we just put it in her back pack. Before Sinchies we could only use a back pack with a 500ml bottle that had to remain upside down so it had to be hung either upside down in a special back pack I had to cut up and redo or on an IV pole. This made it hard for us to go out anywhere or when we did go out it could only be for short bursts as we couldn't have her milk running. Now she is free to do what 3 year olds do best and I am free to watch her actually be the kid she is ment to be. THANKS SINCHIES, you have given my daughter back her childhood xoxoxo and for giving me back a few hours a day to enjoy being a mummy Weafloodin Weafloodin-feedback-sinchies-reusable-pouches-infinityinfinity-feeding-pump-sinchies-reusable-food-pouches

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  • Cindy.Lencke

    I would love to purchase some sinchies bags to feed my son via feeding pump. Do you have instructions or a video on what I would need in order to attach the sinchies bag to the line that runs through the feeding pump? I’m very interested in this!

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