New Dad Pack

New Dads Pack

New Dads Pack


Here’s a delightful pack to help new dads on their way to parenthood

  • An Apron incase of nappy splatters
  • Some gloves for messy nappy changes (you will be chief nappy changer)
  • A Peg for your nose, for those stinky change times
  • Tongs for keeping soiled nappies at arms reach
  • Ear plugs so you can get some shut eye
  • Some match sticks to help keep those eyes open when you’re on night duty
  • Breast feeding pads to save you the embarrassment of a supermarket dash
  • A can of red bull ……….. to give you wings
  • A time out for when you need some time to yourself
  • Some marbles incase you loose yours
  • And you cannot forget the Sinchies Snack Bags for the snacks!!

New Dad Pack

And last but not least

·      In times like these… need Minties

And don’t forget the emergency contact list……….


Massage Parlor 

Bottle Shop 

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