Mums Delivery Sinchies Reusable Food Pouch Reviews

Mums Delivery Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches Review

If you’re like our family, always on the run, using endless amounts of disposable sandwich bags and gladwrap, you will love the Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches.

What we use Sinchies for

We use them for snacks in the baby bag, lunches on the go; we use them for purées and chicken pastas! On top of this, at times, I even use them for storing leftovers in the fridge or freezer.

What products does Sinchies have?

Sinchies are easy to use and come in many different shapes and sizes; some with a spout for purées and yogurts and the others with a simple seal top. The Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches with the spout are ideal for babies/toddlers who want to feed themselves. Another positive with the Sinchies bags is that they are hardy and durable, which I love. They are also easy to clean with a bottle brush and warm water.

What did we love about Sinchies reusable food pouches?

Watch our quick video to see how easy it is and what we loved about the Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches

How using Sinchies helps the environment

Our family try our best to be as environmentally friendly as we can and we try to limit our impact on the planet. Thanks to Sinchies it means we are not using disposable sandwich bags and glad wraps like we use to, which is also good for our budget. Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches have even become my teething remedy: wet, clean wash clothes in a Sinchies bag and in the freezer. Reviewed by Kellee   Mums Delivery Sinchies Reusable Food Pouch Reviews

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