What are the most important baby items to buy?

What Are The Most Important Baby Items To Buy? A lot of new parents worry whether they will have all the necessary things for their baby. They also wonder how to simplify the practical aspects of parenting so they can concentrate on the big stuff. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the most important baby items to buy. It will make your life so much easier. The list includes Sinchies products, as well as our favourite products from other Australian companies. Of course, if you can get them as a hand-me-down, even better. We’re all for re-using and recycling here at Sinchies. But if that’s not possible for you, these products are well worth spending a few dollars on.

Sinchies baby products

Below is a selection of Sinchies products we highly recommend to new parents.

Sinchies Pops

When your baby starts teething, there is often a lot of crying and waking in the night. So you’ll thank yourself for buying our Sinchies Pops. They really help relieve teething pain for your little one.

Sinchies 200ml

Need to store some excess breast milk? Perhaps you’ve got an event on at night and you’d like some breast milk at home with bub for when they wake. Our Sinchies 200ml reusable pouches are the ideal size.

Sinchies 80ml

When your baby starts weaning, you won’t need as much breast milk. But of course, it’s still very handy to be able to store some. Our Sinchies 80ml reusable pouches are perfect for weaning.

Sinchies 140ml

After weaning, we recommend our Sinchies 140ml reusable pouches. They’re a great size for storing cows milk or formula-based milk when you’re on the go.

Sip’N Silicone Lids

Babies are known for a few things, and one of them is spills and mess. While they’re still learning how to eat and drink, this will happen quite a lot. A really good way to reduce the amount of spills is with our Sip’N Sillicone Lids. No spills, no fuss.

Baby products from our favourite Australian companies

Necklace from Nibbly Bits

We just love the necklaces from Nibbly Bits. They’re perfect for when you’re nursing and feeding, and totally safe for your baby to play with.

Little Innoscents nappy powder

If you want something completely natural for your baby’s bum, Little Innoscents make fantastic nappy powder that is certified organic.

Attipas shoes

Getting socks and shoes on your baby can be an adventure at the best of times. That’s why we recommend Attipas shoes—they make shoes with built-in socks.

Rashoodz swimwear

Protecting your newborn from harsh UV rays is so important. But you can still take them to the beach and have a bunch of fun in sun-smart swimwear from Rashoodz.

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