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How to support kids with anxiety around daycare, kindy and school - Pocket Pals

pocket pals You know how I love to share things that I find amazing or useful and things that help to support small business, we'll here's one of my finds! Pocket Pals! These Pocket Pals have been a huge help with my daughter and re-settling into kindergarten. My daughter Tori, has always been such a positive and happy child who is full of confidence. Always happy to say good bye at Kindy and usually runs off to play. She always loved Kindy and couldn't wait to go. Then one day this all changed. She saw a friend clutching onto her mums leg and I believe Tori then thought oh that looks like something I should do. Because, the very next day she started hanging onto my leg......with baby in tow it's quite tricky peeling these monkey arms off my legs. Once I peel one off and start the other one, the first one is back on again! What had happened to my happy little girl who would so eagerly run off and play? For weeks I tried to think of something that might have happened. I asked Tori why she was doing it and her answer was "Because I love you Mummy!" - yes heart melting moment right there. There had been a change over in staff but Tori was always well adjusted to things like this, so I really didn't know what contributed to this. I spoke to her teachers to see if something happened at Kindy? And they assured me nothing significant had happened, so I put it down to monkey see monkey do. Drop offs weren't easy anymore, they took 15-20minutes. I tried everything to stop this and nothing worked........fast forward a few weeks. Something landed in my lap, I came across these Pocket Pals and they have been a "magic cure" - Drop offs are now a breeze and she happily runs off again saying "Bye mummy" My daughter chose the dog to take with her to Kindy and has it in her bag, I guess it's kind of like a security thing that offers her comfort when she's feeling a bit "wobbly". I guess kids going to school would keep it in their pocket but as my little girl wears leggings, in her bag it's kept until she needs it. You see young children have difficulty understanding the concepts of affirmations and positive thinking so these Pocket Pals can be used as a type of security blanket that offers them comfort in times when they are feeling a bit fragile. I explained to Tori that this is their special little friend & she can carry it around whenever she feels she needs to. We spoke about some things that make her feel sad or worried or scared and even things that make her feel happy and excited. Fast forward a few weeks and guess what? She runs off shouting "Bye Mummy"! The above is my personal experience with this product, it is not expert advice. If you are at all worried about your child's behaviour or emotional state please seek professional help. If you'd like to give these a go, you can buy these from www.youngsquadonline.com.au and if you use code SINCHIESLOVE you'll get 15% off. About the creator off pocket pals: As a teenager I suffered from severe anxiety. After many years of counselling I was able to significantly decrease the impact it had on my life. I learnt a lot about myself and strategies to combat my anxiety. Fast forward 15 years and I found myself with 2 young children. One of whom was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and another who suffered anxiety. Being in the position made me completely revisit strategies I had learnt earlier not only to help them but so I could also cope with the many anxieties mums feel when it comes to their kids. My kids are now thriving and my experiences have made me a huge believer in the power of positive thinking and challenging negative thought as a method to deal with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. It seems that many children and adults these days struggle with negative emotions that impact their lives significantly. I'm keen to help kids deal with their "big emotions" in a positive way that allows them to develop resilience and self awareness which in turn allows them to lead a more fulfilling life. The pocket pals are handmade by myself using images I have drawn and then had printed onto fabric by a Melbourne based business. They are 100% Australian made, handmade and made with love!  

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