Swap store bought yoghurt pouch for Sinchies reusable yoghurt pouch

How to Save $100s by making one Simple Swap to Sinchies

It's not a myth, it's true and can be done very easily! You can SAVE over $1012.50 per year by making one Simple Swap to Sinchies. With a small investment of just $59.80 for 20 pouches (Only $2.99 per reusable pouch) which should last the year and by spending a few minutes a week filling your own reusable pouches with yoghurt, custard, fruit or baby food you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year. A small outlay can lead you down the right path to more free cash for whatever you choose - be it a holiday, wine or family adventures. Not to mention the single use items you'll save from going into landfill. Depending on the number of children you have, how many of these pre-filled pouches you usually buy and if you prefer to make your own or buy in bulk will depend on your saving. I've done some sums in an example below, which is based on the Aussie average of 2 kids per household.

Let's examine the maths on yoghurt pouches...

  • $1.80/110g per store bought yoghurt pouch x 365 days/year = $657 per child (or $1314 for two children)
A family with two children may spend $1314/year on disposable yoghurt pouches
  • 110g yoghurt x 365days = 40.150kg yoghurt per year (or 80.3kg for two children)
  • A large 1kg yoghurt is roughly $3.45 depending on the brand, so $3.45 x 40 1kg tubs = $138/year (or $276 for two children)
  • 10 x 150ml reusable Sinchies = $25.50
A family with two children may spend $301.50/year of bulk yoghurt with reusable pouches... A SAVING OF $1012.50 PER YEAR! This is just on yoghurt pouches alone. If you swapped your single use ziplock bags and cling wrap with Sinchies you could save even more, but I'll save that for another blog post.

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