Sinchies reusable ziplock sandwich bag

How to ditch cling film or cling wrap in your kitchen

Cling Film, Cling Wrap or Plastic wrap as it's know of all over the world is a handy little piece to have in the kitchen. We use it for all sorts of things like covering bowls, wrapping kids sandwiches for lunch - you name it cling film is one of those versatile things that is used in so many house holds. But how would you ditch the cling film or cling wrap in your kitchen? Ditching the Cling wrap and using something more sustainable is easy to do and is so much better for the environment. I must admit - coming from Africa, this stuff was super expensive and a luxury so it was never something that we really used. But coming to Australia back in 2005 and working in a daycare centre I saw just how many people used this stuff. Usually it's chucked in the bin and is an out of sight out of mind kind of affair. After we unwrapped sandwiches, this thin plastic film - mostly likely made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) would end up in the bin then landfill and possibly the oceans and doesn't degrade. Do you know that every year the average Australian produces enough rubbish to fill a 3 bedroom house? So being harmful to our environment and especially harmful to our health if heated up I would like to share with you some simple swaps that you can make.          
sinchies reusable ziplock snack bag
    sinchies reusable ziplock snack bag
  • Wraps - oh my daughter much prefers a wrap over a sandwich and these little reusable wrap bags are the amazing! Sinchies reusable wrap bag Sinchies reusable wrap bag
  • Instead of using cling wrap for covering bowls - use a beeswax wrap. If the beeswax wrap is too small, join two together to make a bigger one.
Just a few simple things that I hope can help you to ditch the cling wrap or cling film in your kitchen and make these simple swaps.

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