What Are The Top Freezable Lunch Ideas For Toddlers?

What are the top freezable lunch ideas for toddlers?

When you’re out and about with a toddler, having tasty food handy can be your best friend. We all know that when toddlers get hungry they can switch from ‘Dr Jekyll’ to ‘Mr Hyde’ in a matter of seconds. To cool down those hotheaded moments in spring and summer, we’ve come up with some freezable lunch ideas for toddlers that may just save the day. So whether your toddler is out with you, or you’ve sent them off for a play date with a friend or grandparent, here are some cool food ideas.

Sinchies freezable lunch ideas

Sinchies reusable storage pouches make freezable lunch ideas for toddlers a sinch. Our products are expertly designed and manufactured to store a wide variety of food. And they’re also made to freeze. So you can simply fill them up with your toddler’s favourite foods and pop them in the freezer till the morning. They won’t split or explode in your freezer either.

Top freezable lunch ideas for toddlers


What Are The Top Freezable Lunch Ideas For Toddlers? Kids love yoghurt. And it’s great to freeze. There are some great yoghurt products you can buy for kids from the store nowadays. Or you may prefer to make your own yoghurt from scratch using one of our recipes. Either way, toddlers will love it once it’s defrosted and is nice and cool to eat. Even if it hasn’t fully defrosted by the time they want to eat it, they can eat it like an ice cream! Check out some of our yoghurt recipes.


What Are The Top Freezable Lunch Ideas For Toddlers? Frozen smoothies are very similar to frozen yoghurt. The big difference is that smoothies usually contain no dairy. So if your child has an allergy or intolerance to lactose or dairy products in general, frozen smoothies are a great option. Your toddler can eat them while frozen, like an ice block, or wait till it’s defrosted and drink it like a thick fruit juice. Smoothies are a healthy and yummy way to keep your toddler happy on the go. See some of our great smoothie recipes.

Pops and Ice Blocks

What Are The Top Freezable Lunch Ideas For Toddlers? For those really scorching hot summer days, pops and ice blocks are a perfect freezable lunch idea for toddlers. They’re also really easy to make at home using our pops and ice blocks recipes. Sometimes parents think of ice blocks as being full of sugar and processed ingredients, but when you make them yourself, you can control exactly what your child is getting.


What Are The Top Freezable Lunch Ideas For Toddlers? Jelly is an oldie but a goodie. Our delicious jelly recipes use fresh fruit or juice and even chia seeds! But you might want to hide the frozen jelly somewhere in your freezer, or you might find older members of the family taking an interest in it too!


Last but definitely not least is water! It’s super important to make sure your toddler is hydrated when you’re out on a hot day. And they’re more likely to drink cold water than hot water when they’re feeling thirsty. You can also fill some extra Sinchies with water and freeze them to act as ice packs to keep the rest of your toddler’s lunch cool. When you’re toddler is happy, everyone’s happy! Enjoy a sunny day out with help from Sinchies.

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