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Five tips to reduce single use plastic with Sinchies

We can all do our bit and try to be part of the solution to plastic pollution by reducing the amount single-use plastic we use in our everyday lives.

Minimising plastic waste was one of the foundational reasons that Sinchies was founded, that and creating healthier and allergy-friendly snacks in the reusable food pouches kids love. We love finding new ways to avoid using single-use plastics, so thought we’d share our top five tips to use Sinchies to replace single use plastics in your household and we would love to hear yours:

  1. Ditch the expensive single use yoghurt/custard/puree pouches and either make your own or buy in bulk and use Sinchies reusable pouches. This will save you HEAPS of money as well as reducing the amount of single use plastic waste with one use food pouches.
  2. Buy in bulk and portion into smaller reusable ziplock bags. For example you can buy the big packet/box of chips, crackers, pretzels etc and portion into smaller ziplock bags. You'll be throwing away one plastic bag vs five or six small bags and a big one. Added bonus - the bigger bags are cheaper!
  3. Switch from single use ziplock bags and freezer bags to Sinchies reusable ziplock bags. This will save the environment and money as they can be used again and again.
  4. Instead of using cling wrap or aluminium foil for sandwiches/bagels/wraps etc - try out this silicone food pocket from It is perfect for a sandwich, bagel, wrap and more PLUS it's reusable, dishwasher safe and fits in to the bestselling original lunchbox.
  5. Make sure your whole lunchbox is litter free by using our litter free lunch kit.

Let's do our bit for the environment where we can. Added bonus - it saves us a bit of money and sends a great message to our children.

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