How Sinchies Can Help With A Blenderized Diet

Blenderized Diet and Sinchies

A testimonial from the lovely Karen over in the United States who found and orders Sinchies reusable pouches online for her son Brian who is on a blenderized diet. These types of emails/testimonials I get are so humbling and make my heart warm.

Brian is almost 10 years old and was the victim of non-accidental brain injury at age 2 months. Since then, he's been fed formula via g-tube since he lacks the ability to coordinate swallowing. A few months ago we made the decision to switch him to a blenderized diet which means we mix real foods in a blender and feed this mixture to him. We found it necessary to come up with a new means of storing and giving his feed. Luckily we came across Sinchies.

How Sinchies helps special diets

Sinchies can be used in many ways. After I blend the food I pour each individual serving in a 500ml Sinchies bag and store it in the refrigerator. If I have extra time, I can prepare more than one day's worth and freeze it. The Sinchies work very well for this. I then can warm the feeds by placing a Sinchie in a bowl of heated water. Once it is warm enough, I can add his medication to the feed, attach a bolus feeding adaptor directly to the Sinchies nozzle and feed by squeezing the Sinchie. Rate of feed can be controlled by how hard I squeeze. Once done I rinse the Sinchie and place it it the dishwasher without problem. They do need to air dry. If you are uncomfortable squeezing the Sinchie or if your mixture is too thick to easily squeeze through then a 60ml catheter tip syringe fits perfectly into the nozzle. We are very pleased with how Sinchies have made the feeding process so simple.

How Sinchies Can Help With A Blenderized Diet

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