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So I just ventured into motherhood and welcomed our little Tori into the world on 5th February 2015. So much excitement, joy and an overwhelming feeling of love when I first set eyes on her - a feeling that I just can't explain (a feeling that only other mummy's know) ...I still can't believe she's actually here, after cooking her for 9 months, that small person in the bassinet is actually mine! WOW.......I grew that! Now getting onto this blog post - part of the parcel of being pregnant is to have a baby shower (I love playing games and having an excuse to eat lots of yummy food) - My thoughtful and loving Sister-in-law volunteered her expertise and wow what an amazing job she did (she should so organise baby showers for people) - her attention to detail, effort, ideas and design are flawless! I truly am so thankful to have such an amazing SIL. So I thought it would be awesome to share with you the games we played and a few other bits and pieces, we had so much fun! Baby Shower Games That Are Fun

Baby Shower Games

Spit the dummy - we split ourselves up into groups of 5 and we each had a dummy in our mouths. Now the plan was who could spit the dummy out the furtherest?

Multitasking - other mummy's know how "one handed" you become with a little person in tow - so we thought we'd test our skills - with a baby on the hip and a phone to one ear we had to hang washing up! So much fun and this was the best group game out!


Baby Bingo - an all time favourite! To keep the words safe after cutting one sheet up they were kept in a Sinchies Pop. Baby Bingo Baby Bingo Guess the baby food - we made some baby puree's up and poured them into some 80ml Sinchies pouches. Each person had to squeeze a bit out (there were 4 to taste) onto their finger and write down what combo they thought the puree was! You should have seen some of the faces that were pulled.....hilarious!

Baby Purees - Tasty Roast Pumpkin

Who's waters broke first? - freeze a jelly baby or chiko baby in ice-cubes. Each guest takes one ice-cube and puts it into their drink - the first ice-cube to melt first and wins! Your waters broke! Your waters broke! The peg game - everyone was given a peg (nicely decorated with a pink rose on it) and you weren't allowed to say the word baby. If you did, you had to pass your peg to the person who caught you out! Nappy Note - this isn't quite a game but it was such a great idea! Everyone that came to my baby shower wrote a note on a newborn nappy, so nappy change times (at 3am) had an element of happiness to them! One of my favourite notes was "I'm sexy and I know it" - on the front and on the back was "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!" And to end the day and a little thank you everyone got to take home a homemade owl (that was the theme) shaped biscuit in a Sinchies snack bag. Baby Shower thank you gift - Owl shaped biscuit in a Sinchies snack bag Baby Shower thank you gift - Owl shaped biscuit in a Sinchies snack bag We also asked our loyal Sinchies fans for some ideas and these are the games they came up with
  • Pass the baby - It's like pass the parcel except you're unwrapping/undressing the baby, person who removes last item off baby wins
  • ‪Melted chocolate bars in diapers. 1 per diaper. You have to guess what chocolate bar it was. (Funny to see people squirm to sniff an otherwise new and clean diaper)
  • Instead of face painting, bump art
  • Pin the sperm on the ovary.
  • Buy some cards and get everyone to write a message in a card and seal until the baby is born for the parents to read
  • We put a spin on memory. We put about 15-20 baby related things on a tray and I walked around with it letting everyone have a good look at all the items. Then the questions we asked were primarily about what I was wearing, nail polish, jewellery, hair style, etc with only 2 or 3 questions about the items on the tray. It was hilarious to see everyone's reactions to the 'unfair' questions
  • ‪Filling a few bottles with about 100mls of fizzy drink and see who can drink them the fastest
  • Have a large roll of string or gift wrapping ribbon. Have every one guess and cut ribbon the size of the mum-to-be belly. At the end size up the mum-to-be and then check who is the winner
  • You could do a prediction line. Everyone guesses when bub will be born, weight, length and time. And once bub is born who ever is closest gets a prize
  • Everyone invited brings their baby photo and puts it in tin and then the game is to guess who out of the group matches each photo.
  • Wrap individually baby items and pass them around for each person to guess item and whomever guesses the most items correctly wins a prize
  • We filled baby bottles with lollies and people had to guess how many lollies in each one. Winner got the bottle and more importantly the lollies
  • Google list of common "wives-tales" as to how to tell if it is a girl or boy. However gets the most correct wins
  • Dress the baby comp. nappy, singlet, shirt pants jacket and socks. And you have a play off

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