Are reusable food pouches worth it?

Are reusable food pouches worth it?

Reusable food pouches are 100% worth it. They are convenient, environmentally friendly and economical. They save you money as well as reducing single use plastic and waste. They are a must have item if you make your own baby food or simply want a mess-free way to feed your baby or toddler on the go or if you have a child that likes to take a yoghurt to school everyday. What's not to love? let's unpack the benefits:

Save money - homemade foods such as baby food, smoothies, custards etc put into a reusable food pouch are less expensive over time then buying single use pre-made pouches.

Many children LOVE yoghurt and yoghurt pouches are an easy win in the lunch box every day for kindy/school. The cost of these single use pre packaged yoghurt pouches adds up when you have two+ children eating two yoghurts daily. Switch to buying a big tub and some reusable food pouches to save yourself a lot of money over a year.

The healthy option - Another added benefit to reusable food pouches is that you have full control over what is going into your baby/toddler. Make your own homemade purees and yoghurts and put them in a reusable food pouch. The convenient, single use baby food pouches do not always have the best nutritional value and are often packed with preservatives, additives and sugar.

Reduce waste - switching to reusables means reducing single use plastics that are thrown away daily. Do your bit for the environment, every little helps.

If you prefer an even more eco-friendly option, check out Sinchies brand new silicone squeezy pouch.

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