20 of the best Father's Day ideas

For all those years that we felt safe, secured, loved and protected, we owe it to our loving fathers. And now that Father’s Day is just around the corner, we want to do something, even just a simple gesture to show how special our dads are to us. Running out of ideas? We've listed 20 of the best Father’s Day ideas for loving sons or daughters like you: Gather All Your Family Members and CelebrateFather’s day – time for family bonding. Your dad will surely be happy if you bring all your family and relatives together IMG_7519 Take the Day Off and Spend Time with Him Time – that’s the best gift you can ever give to anyone, especially to your dad. So, empty your calendar and schedule a daddy day! Spend time with him. Catch up. Forget everything else and enjoy your day with him. Relax and live in the moment! A Thoughtful Note Leave your dad a note. Write your feelings and emotions and tell him how grateful you are to be his child. Even little kids can do this. It can be lengthy and expressive or just short and sweet IMG_3602 Cook for Him No, you don’t have to be a chef to cook for your dad. He’ll surely appreciate your effort. It can be a simple breakfast, his favourite pasta, or a full course meal. It doesn’t matter. Just cook and eat with him. IMG_7827 Family Portrait Family portraits never get old – no matter how old you are. They’re just the perfect daddy’s day gift. Get creative. It can be a photo montage of all your memories through the years, a short video with sweet messages, or just simple hand drawn stick figures. IMG_9111 Wine and Dine Treat him and dine in his favourite  restaurant (I did this last year). Grab some wine, enjoy some relaxing music, and use this perfect time to catch up! Ask him about his childhood! He will sure love the idea – nothing beats a good conversation over a fine wine. IMG_7437 A Bag Full of His Favourite Goodies Whether it’s his favourite DVD or his favourite snack, just pack ‘em up and it will be an instant Father’s Day surprise. How about some dark chocolates? Or his favorite nuts? Put them into a Sinchies snack or sandwich bag and make the presentation fun and creative! Spend the Day at the Beach Who wouldn’t enjoy a wonderful day at the beach? Your dad needs R and R, too! Share it with him! And don’t forget to take your sunscreen in Sinchies 80ml pouchsome snacks in some Sinchies snack & sandwich bags and your water bottle so you won’t be hungry and dehydrated! IMG_7194 Sports Day Take your dad to his favourite sports game. Does he love baseball? See a baseball game. Does he love basketball? See the game with him. Does he love golf? Go get your golf clubs and play with him. He will surely appreciate that! A Day in the Park Take your dad to the park. There are a lot of cool things to do like riding a bike, watching sunsets, and flying a toy plane. Taking your own food is also a breeze with these easy to pack and easy to carry Sinchies. Enjoy the great outdoors with your dad. Have fun. Play games. Make the most out of your day. IMG_7400 Breakfast in Bed After a long and tiring day at work last night, nothing’s more rewarding than waking up with a breakfast surprise. Prepare your dad’s favourites – pancakes, fruits, and eggs. Just serve it with a smile and you will sure make his day! You can prep the pancake mix the day before (get the recipe here) and pop it into a Sinchies 1 litre pouch so you're ready to go first thing in the morning! If you are unsure of pancakes, remember this: you will never go wrong with bacon! And oh, don’t forget his morning must haves – a cup of coffee and the morning paper! IMG_7268 His Favourite Drink Keeping your dad refreshed with his favourite drink will surely make him happy. Fill your fridge with his favorite drinks – it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. Just get him something to drink while he watches his favourite game.A New Gadget, Gear, or Whatever it is that He Loves A New Gadget, Gear, or Whatever it is that He Loves Our dads are selfless. They try to give us everything they want without anything in return. It’s time for us to give them what they want. Do you think he needs a new phone? a new wallet? Or just a kiss on the cheek and warming hug? A Date Night with Mom As much as you want to be with dad during his special day, dad will surely love a romantic date with mom. So, set it up. Plan ahead. Make sure it’s going to be the best night for your parents. World’s Best Dad Mug Yes, it can be a bit cliché but these mugs are just spot on. They’re a perfect reminder of your love for dad every morning when they drink their morning coffee. Image from fathersday12 Play Video Games with Him Bring him back to doing what kids like! How about playing video games with your dad? Show him your moves and try to beat him! He might not be the best, but he can always try. Introduce him to the modern day gaming world. Who knows? He might love it and it will instantly turn out to be your bonding activity! Game Night Celebrate father’s day by organizing a family game night. Set up as many games as you can. It can be board games, pool, darts, or cards. Pyjama Party You’re never too old for pyjama party! Wear your jammies and head in to mom and dad’s room. It feels great to re-live those good ‘ol times when you were younger. They surely missed those days, too! Celebrate in Your Backyard You don’t have to go far to celebrate. In fact, you can just decorate your backyard and start the fun. Organize a barbecue party. Set up your tent and go backdoor camping. There are lots of things that you can do in your backyard. Plus you don’t have to spend a lot! Of course, dad will love that! Movie Date When was the last time you had a movie date with your daddy? Well, if it’s been a while, now is the best time to take him to the movies. Grab some popcorn or bring your own packed snacks (in Sinchies snack bags of course). It doesn’t have to be always at the usual movie house. Try watching on an open cinema, a restaurant cinema, or even at home. You can surely catch some family movies or your dad’s favourite action flicks on Netflix.

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