10 unique new baby gift ideas

10 unique gift ideas for new babies

10 unique gift idea for new babies

Looking for a great and unique gift idea for a new baby in your life that won't be the 10th grow suit baby has received? It's always lovely to be the person who gives a gift that is adored & well received and with the 10 ideas we've compiled you are sure to be that awesome person. We've rounded up our favourite 10 unique gift ideas for new babies that are sure to be loved by all.
  1. Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook
womans weekly Re-released 30 years after its first printing this gift always elicits a fantastic response from the recipient. Shrouded in nostalgia, new parents love the idea of making for their kids the cakes they loved so much as a child themselves. Who didn't spend time dreaming that this year might be the year you finally got the train cake!          
  1. Milestone cards
milestone cardsThe original Milestone baby cards includes 30 photo cards for all the important moments that parents would wish to capture & cherish of their new babes first year of life, marking the ages of 1 week to 1 year, and significant events including first smile, first word, & that oh-so-elusive, the first time they slept through the night. You can now find milestone cards in a range of styles to suit all tastes, and depending on the humour style of the parents, a look at the new Inappropriate Milestone cards may just be worth your consideration. We also like these ones from our friends at Mikki and Me  
baby food ideas yoghurt squeezy pouch This is a considerate gift for when baby is a little older, with the added benefit being that it doesn't take up much storage space in the meantime. A reusable food pouch perfect for when baby starts its first solids, these pouches let parents make their own purees giving them the comfort of knowing exactly what is in their babies food. They are great for making up a large batch of individual portion sizes and freezing and are incredibly handy for when you need to take the food out & about with minimal mess. This is one of those products that new parents sometimes don't know about until after the initial need for it has passed, so they will be very grateful for your gift when it comes time to start solids.      
  1. First toothbrush & holder
toothbrush Another considerate gift for when baby is a little older which takes up little storage space. Getting your child used to brushing it's teeth at an early age helps set them up for good oral hygiene. Potentially this could be a boring gift but it can be made fun by finding a funky brush holder that will make the child eager for teeth time. When baby gets its first tooth it is an exciting time and it's usually not until that moment that parents realise the need for a baby brush, making it a gift that becomes more appreciated with time.      
  1. Birth prints by Ginger Monkey
With the craze for all things blackboard in full swing these funky prints can be personalised for a stylish wall hanging in any nursery. A lovely way to welcome the new arrival by capturing a snapshot of all those important first measurement details, it is also a perfect keepsake for the memory box when parents may no longer which to display it in the nursery.          
  1. Personalised Wooden Name Boards
Platypus puzzles Personalised Name Boards are 100% Australian made with a choice of colour scheme, meaning if you have had a sneak peek at the nursery you can be that fantastic person who gives a gift that matches! A stylish present for the new parents to put on display in baby's room, but also practical for baby to grow into & practice their fine motor skills at a later age.        
  1. The knit studio
Coming in 3 sizes of bassinet, cot or single and having a large range of colour combinations to choose from, these two-toned blankets can be personalised with baby's name leaving parents, & baby, feeling warmed with the love of your beautiful gift. The bassinet size also doubles perfectly as a pram blanket meaning baby will be sure to receive lots of compliments on its beautiful blanket, and hopefully, name.  
  1. Moneybox
We all like the idea that we will teach our children to have money sense and good money habits are important to teach at a young age, making a moneybox a thoughtful gift. It will become a practical gift down the track when the child can start doing chores & earning pocket money, but to make it relevant for the earlier years, consider personalising it by either engraving it with the child's name, or by getting a moneybox which complements the decor of the nursery.      
  1. Santa Sack
Sometime in their first year baby will get to celebrate its first Christmas and how exciting is it for the new parents to fill their baby's first Santa sack knowing it was personalised and given with love. This gift is a great idea to reuse if the family has any more additions, with a further additional benefit being that every year at Christmas time you know they will be thinking of you when it's time to get the Santa sacks down.      
  1. Personalise it
What of baby number 2, 3, 4..... possibly even 12! When parents have all the necessities, practicals and not so practicals already, what do you do for a gift idea? Personalise it. Some of the ideas above such as the name blanket and personalised wooden name board are perfect. Additional ideas to consider include wooden name trains, teddy bears with the baby's name embroidered on its belly, or iron on transfers with personalised messages to jazz up plain onesies. By personalising it, it shows that you have given thought to this particular child and not all the children in the house, as its nice for parents to feel like each new addition is special and adored.

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