What's New at Sinchies? 500ml pouches and Sandwich Bags!

Buy Reusable Sandwich Bags And 500ml Food PouchesThere's always something being developed at Sinchies HQ so even if you have a complete Sinchies collection there'll always be something new to check out! (By the way, HQ sounds very corporate and as if Sinchies is a huge company but although it's spreading fast and far and wide, Sinchies HQ is Sam's house where she experiments with new recipes in the kitchen and packs orders in the spare room and where she fills her garage with stock, not a huge industrial warehouse or offices.)

The most recent additions to the range are the 500ml pouch and the sandwich bag

Buy Reusable Sandwich Bags And 500ml Food PouchesThe 500ml Sinchies reusable food pouch is brilliant for big people :) Fill it with a smoothie for the morning, with leftover almond milk, homemade yoghurt, take milk to the beach for a picnic cup of tea, store leftover gravy or pack sauce for camping. Great for those on the paleo diet or cave man way of eating as it's also known as. We'd love to hear what you use your pouches for! The Sinchies Reusable Sandwich Bag was initially designed to use for lunchbox sandwiches. Now that they're here though, we keep finding more uses for them! You can make up your sandwiches for the week and put them in the freezer in Sinchies reusable sandwich bags so they're ready to go straight into the lunchboxes. Super organised! (If you want more ideas to be oh-so organised with lunchboxes, read our Top Ten Freezable Lunchbox Ideas post)

Here are some more ideas and uses for the Sinchies reusable sandwich bag

  • Crackers
  • Trail mix
  • Any snacks!
  • Baby food cubes
  • Wet bag for used bibs when out
  • Safe bag for a camera, phone or keys at the beach
  • Easy to find bag for phone and keys in your handbag!
  • Freezing leftovers
  • Freezing smoothie ingredients do they're ready to whizz
  • Taking dry ingredients camping eg flour
  • Storing fresh herbs or cubes of herbed oils in the freezer
Please share your ideas with us! We love feedback. Next on the list is a smaller version of the sandwich bag – a reusable snack bag. Watch this space!

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