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What Sinchies' fans say about their pouches!

Find out what Sinchies' fans say about our pouches

Sinchies gets the thumbs up from this little fan!

From Matilda E (Run Mum) - "There is nothing like a good homemade chicken stock. It's so versatile, and loads more healthy for you than store bough rubbish. I discovered Sinchies at the start of the year when a friend of mine posted on facebook that she couldn't wait for her Sinchies reusable food pouches to arrive. I'm like what are Sinchies? I went to their website and I was seriously impressed." Hop on over to  for an awesome stock recipe for your 1 Litre Sinchies reusable food pouches

From Natural New Age Mum - Sinchies are featured in her Five Favourite Things Blog -

From Ren likes Red - I don’t know about your kids, but two things mine are absolutely obsessed with, are jelly and squeezie pouches

From Carlene E- I have a baby with allergies/chemical sensitivities who can't even eat the organic, additive free baby food options. We love your product! Currently we are all required to eat a fresh food diet and with appointments near every other day that can be super hard. Our next investment will be the 1litre sinchies for storing soups and dairy free white sauces, custards etc Thanx for your amazing product, makes going out and about with my children 3 times easier and they don't feel like they are missing out at all, we can take all our nice treats with us with ease.

From The Dooling Clan - Received my order - thank you. It's already in full use, filled it with some fruity homemade yoghurt. I really like the 1L pouches since they take up less space in the fridge than my glass jars and so much easier to fill the small pouches with. I also use it for porridge and custard, tomato puree and used the sandwich bags for my fruit at work. Very happy with my purchase. Just so you know, i have previously been using another brand of reusable pouches, but i found it really hard to fill since the bag can't stand up on it's own. And the seal was ridiculously hard to ziplock closed. We had lots of mess! I like the Sinchies better because they are transparent (to see how full they are or if there is any food residue after cleaning), they can stand up when filling and the ziplock is much easier and feels secure. My 2.5 year old son approves and my husband is impressed and that makes me happy. Have a great weekend! Your newest fans ;-)

From Judy C - Just wanted to tell you - I used my first couple of Sinchies today - given to me by my sister in law. I had to take my husband to a medical appointment this morning in a town over 2 hours away. We had to leave at 6am so we bundled our 17 month old into the car still in his pj's. I had made some coconut chia pudding and filled 2 Sinchies up and took those along with us. About an hour into the trip it was so easy to whip out the Sinchies and give my son his breakfast, and I could eat (healthy) whilst driving too. My poor hubby missed out as he was fasting  but I'm so pleased we'll be able to use these for road trips in the future & not have to rely on junk food along the way. Thank you!!

From Ali K - "Love your product! My 20 month old son is grain free, dairy free, sugar free and sensitive to chemicals. We use Sinchies reusable pouches for everything from home made food (so he can have squeezy "yoghurt" like his friends) to home made toothpaste"

From Nikki M - "They're such a great product and get loads of use in our house! Even hubby takes his yoghurt to work in them, great for eating in a truck"

From Aimee T - "Absolutely loving my new Sinchies! Thank you so much, I think an obsession has started....haha"

From Danielle R - "Got my Sinchies, thanks so so much, absolutely amazing! Cannot rate you guys highly enough!"

From Melissa P-  "I love Sinchies. My 11 month old is considered skinny, even though he has a couple of rolls, when I go to the Doctor he's on the 5 percentile for weight. I've started putting his food into sinchies and because it's less work for him than eating from a spoon he now eats double the amount. I'm so happy."

From Spectrum Mummy - "So excited when the postie arrived this morning and my little Sinchies parcel arrived! Thank you so much, was pleasantly surprised with some extra lids added. Bless you Sinchies"

From Ajaye - Your product works really well with storing EBM, they don't take up much space in the freezer!"

From Melanie B- " Love my Sinchies reusable food pouches - the 80ml are fantastic for my sons lunch box he loves the yogo. I tried strawberry using nesquick - it's good, but a little milky tasting so need to work on that one. Def will be back to buy some more to make express breakys"

From Jodie T - - "Just wanted to thank you for generously putting in 2 x 140ml reusable food pouches with my child safe lids as you said postage turned out cheaper. Really appreciate it and absolutely loooove Sinchies.Thanks."

From Maree W-  Received my package this week. Just in time for school. Very excited to start exploring new ideas and to have "nude food" each day in my daughters lunch box. Thanks for an awesome product!"

From Alex A- "I got my 140ml Sinchies reusable food pouches in the mail today. A very BIG THANK YOU!! What a great way to make nutritious food fun for babies! I made alot of mess the first try but geez it was fun and worth it. My baby has now had his serve of fruit, vege and calcium for the day. What a relief! Thank again."

From Gaynor- "We are loving our new Sinchies! My kids favourite at the moment is Barambah honey yoghurt mixed with a squeeze of blueberry baby food puree - Yummy!  So much easier than I thought they would be."

From Small favours - "Loving using Sinchies in the Car!"

From Joelen D- "I've been looking for an Aussie company who sell these and I'm so glad I found you on Pinterest. I LOVE these, they make feeding my 7 month old so much easier and less messy."

From Jade F- "Hi. I just placed my first order via your website but wanted to say well done on a fantastic product idea! My kids go to school everyday with something in pouch form, whether it be yoghurt or crushed fruit. I'm looking forward to filling your pouches with my own ingredients & using them over and over again. I look forward to receiving my order! I have already recommended you on my Facebook page for friends to check out your business. :)"

From Fiona N- "My little boy can now have his lactose free yoghurt in a squeezie just like the other kids! I've also filled mine with lactose free chocolate yogo. My little boy is going to love them because he can do it himself!"

From Fiona N - Lactose free chocolate yogo's! My little boy is going to love them and i'm going to love not having to get a bowl and spoon out to feed him because with Sinchies reusable food pouches he can do it himself!

From Hannah G- "Thanks for my Sinchies order. I love them! Even my 5 year old has been asking to use them. Thanks for the extra little freebies too! I will definitely order again."

From Melinda P- "Can't wait to receive my order! Check these out girls, good way to save money.. I'm excited to use these for yoghurt but can use with lots of other foods."

From Natalie M- "Just received mine in the mail thanks so much my kids have made me fill them and are using them already! It really cheered my 3 yr old daughter as she had just had a blood test and came home and they got delivered and she was so happy, thanks once again, i'llbe sure to order more" 

From Natalie W- " Got my order today great service and awesome product all filled up and ready to go."

From Stacey T - My 10 month old loves her brekkied in a pouch - weetbix. And I have been doing lots of purees for her too, and hardly any mee and less time from me spoon feeding - they are great! 

From Kylie G - " Just recieved my 10 pack of 200ml today and the kids haven't been so excited to drink their green smoothies in a long time! They can't wait to take them to school! Thanks for such a clever idea!"

From Jen -

From Simone A - " Very excited to come home from work today & see my package! Absolutely love them, now decision decisions as to what to put in them first!"

From Amanda F - " Just ordered some pouches for my 7yr old and 4 yr old. Yay no more yoghurt drips on their clothes ( they always manage to drop it on themselves when they eat from a tub) can't wait to get them :)"

From Bridget A - "Brilliant idea! So sick of wasting money on the yoghurt pouches for my little girl, but love avoiding the mess of yoghurt with a spoon! Just placed my order, can't wait to get them :)"

From Tia C - " I'm so excited to order these. I buy the pouches for my daughter all the time. Looking forward to saving money and making healthier snacks"

From Lyn P - " Yay! There here, There Here!! Thanks so much already stocked full of yoghurt ready for the kids tomorrow :)"

From Kylie L - "I  got my pouches today, i am so excited about what to fill them with first! what an absolutely fantastic product!"

From Cassie E - " Hi, just letting you know i recieved my Sinchies today. I cant wait to use them. Should have got the bigger ones as well (which i will do next week), and super fast postage, thanks so much. :)"

From Leah K - "Hi :) I would just like to say what a awesome idea these are my sister inlaw has introduced them to me she got same and has given me 2 of them and they are great my little man loves them!! I have refilled them 2times already!! Can't wait to get my order of the bigger ones they will be well used!! As my middle son loves yogurt he will love having it out of the Sinchies!"

From Bebe A - " Received my Sinchies and just made a batch of apple, mango and beetroot juice jelly for tomorrow. Just wanted to say thanks gorgeous a great easy to use product"

From Kirsty S - " Arrived today and I've already washed, dried and filled ten of my 80ml pouches. Some of them are for the fridge, some are for the freezer so I can "grab and go" while out and about. The kids are pretty excited and already making suggestions about different flavoured yoghurts, etc."

From Christine G - "My delivery arrived today, not sure who was more excited, me or the kids!!! Thank you so much! I have put a post on my wall advertising and recommending you!"

From Casey H - "Will be ordering more of these tomorrow yay love them now i worked out how to fill them"

From Ally K - "Used a snack size Sinchies to store home made toothpaste today... It's the PERFECT tube!!! Have been searching for something for this purpose for ages!"

From Shandelle P - "Placed an order today looking forward to getting them, what a fantastic idea, cant wait to use with for my 4yo for kinder and my 2yo who has multiple food intolerances when out and about"

From Amanda E - "Thank you so much i got my Sinchies today and love will be used very soon for my son's daycare food"

From Mei Lin-Ng - " Hi! Here's a pic of my boy enjoying his jelly... 1/3 pineapple & orange juice, 2/3 water and some gelatine to set. Fab product that i have been searching for ages! I love that i know exactly what's in his food - i love the convenience of store bought squeezy yoghurt but don't like the sugar content or ingredients list!

From Baby Beehinds Sunshine Coast - "We used a Sinchies yesterday as a travel pack for sunscreen instead of carting around the big pump pack... Brilliant! They were my saviour over Christmas, too. With a freezer full of healthy food that is super easy to pack and go, meals for my 9mo was one thing I didn't have to stress over!  Thanks for a great product :)"

From Shae T - "Awesome for travelling liquids"

From Danielle W - "I got my package! So excited. I put some mango and banana purée in one and gave it to my son to make sure he would eat it (super fussy at the moment) he then stood at my leg a cried while I filled the rest up despite already having had dinner. I think we are going to be very happy!"

From Jamie L - " Our parcel arrived this week and I made watermelon and berry juice for Archie, he loves them"

From Brooke R - "Got my order today - thank you so quick! My little boy (4) has already tired it out and loves it'. Can't wait to send them to Prep with him next year"

From Ellie W - "Got my first order of Sinchies this week and have all ready made good use filling them with low sugar cordial and freezing them to keep kids cool the last few days they love them and the older ones are refilling them before I can lol bought them for my littlest but can see they will get a good work out for all the kids thank you very much will recommend to all my mum friends."

From Cherie P - "Thank you so much we received our first Sinchies parcel today and cant wait to make some yummy treats for Miss E (7Months) fast and great service. Will definately be ordering more after the new year."

From Amber H - "Just wanted to let u know how popular your Sinchies are, I always get questions from people asking me where I got them from."

From Claire D - "Just wanted to say thank you for such an awesome product! I've just come home from hospital after having my twins and it's fabulous that my husband has been able to fill up a whole pile of these with fruit slushies and my 3 year old will happily grab one out the freezer to eat and I know she's eating healthily while i'm resting"

From Yvette B  - "We got ours today! And my lil man LOVES it!! :) Wish I had known sooner - been looking for something like this for 12 months!!! :)"

From Vivienne H: I got them. Yay. And now I want more. And some big ones too.

From Rose L - "I stumbled across these while buying a Sleepy wings suit and haven't looked back! I have been using them for storing and freezing expressed breast milk (they take up so much less space in the freezer and are easy to take out and about), will use them for purees etc once we move onto solids and probably once preschool and school come for sending yoghurt etc in lunch boxes - these are going to see us through for another five or six years at least (and we're only 8 weeks in!) Great product! 

From Manda R - "Only the other day I said to my hubby, wouldn't it be nice if I could get something that I can put the kids yogurt in for school that they can squeeze out without the expensive price tag of the throw away ones!! And here they are :) You're a genius!!!"

From Hannah P -  "What an awesome idea! Love it!!!"

From Karen R -  "I love the Sinchies. I've frozen a heap up with yoghurt & grab one when we leave the house & they are thawed by the time miss 2 wants it :o)"

From Alicia D -  "Hi. I just received my 20 pk of Sinchies and I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful product. For a family that goes thu about 20 squeeze yogurts a week and a bubba on the verge of starting solids I am sure this won't be the last pack I purchase. Miss 2 is currently enjoying the yoghurt I want her to eat and is none the wiser. Thanks"

From Anna J -  "Just discovered your site and products, such a great idea, wish I'd found you earlier!"

From Josie E -  "Hi, I received your product today and after my 3 year old sculled 4 bags of the smoothie I had just made I could tell that they were a hit!"

From Jacqui G - "Funny Sinchies story... my mum babysat for me & in my daughter's lunchbox I packed some cruskits & put some cheese spread in a pouch so they didn't go soggy. Well mum had no idea what it was but figured it was some sort of puree and gave it to my daughter to suck on. Of course my little one thought that was great but do you think my mum could get it off her once she saw that I'd written "cheese spread" on it!"

From Emily M - "I received my order - thank you!! They are perfect for my busy life, I tend to eat on the go and this way I can have my own homemade healthy bits and pieces :)"

From Amber H - "Got my pouches in the mail today sooooo excited to start using them :)"

From Rachelle W - "Packed milk in a Sinchies today for Hubby's coffee. If I add it to the flask it curdles. Not just for kids!"

From Chelsea B - "What a fantastic product!!!"

From Wendy J - "What an absolutely brilliant invention. Congratulations on designing something so useful to Mummies. I must say I am very pleased to see such talent on the coast. Wishing you a wonderful weekend."

From Vicki B - "Just ordered my 1st lot of Sinchies!! So excited!! Can't wait to use them & show them off :)"

From Shannon C - "Hi just popping over to say thank you, I received my yesterday in the post after being the winning bidder for the Katrina Day Auction, can wait to use them my kids are going to love them :-)"

From Josie W - "Just got 10 in the mail today - so much fun - they are Fabulous!!! Can't wait to play with them haha"

From Sally Anne C - "Found you via your sister yesterday while I presented Nourish Coaching to the Professional Parents (Brisbane) group - what an AWESOME idea - would love to recommend to friends. Well done. Will also be placing an order!"

From Rachelle W - "Thanks for dispatching my order so quickly. The promo pouch you gave me yesterday got me out of a tough situation this morning. Just as we had to leave for daycare miss declared that she HAD to have a yoghurt. This mummy has a no liquids (except water) water rule for the car so and I filled the pouch and off we went. It so adverted a nuclear meltdown. Not only that I calculated that even if I had to pay $1 for the pouch and 40c for the tub of yoghurt, it would be cheaper than buying a commercial squishy pouch. Well done for this fantastic product." 

From Carrie D - "Hi, just received my order and used them with my twin boys..they love them. Thank you so much :)"

From Heidi -  "Have seen Missy adventures with hers on her wall and thought even tho I no longer have wee little ones these will be great for the kids to take yoghurt and the likes to school so I thought why not give it a try and order a 10 pack!

From Rachel - "Wow, what an awesome looking product. REALLY looking forward to the larger packs ;-)"

From Lauren  - "Found out about you & your awesome design by Jodiel! I made a purchase tonight! Can't wait to try out your pouches with my two year old son :-)"

From Brooke - "We spoke about how someone needs to invent a reusuable yogurt pouch at our mother's group. Such a great idea! Well done! Have ordered your 10 pack today. Looking forward to saving some money"

From Hannah - "Genius idea! I'm still buying the food pouches for my almost 2 year old because she loves anything in a pouch. Good on you :)"

From Yvette -  "Heard about your product from a friend while on holidays on the sunshine coast, Anna Lee Kearvell. Now I must have some for myself. Can't wait to use them only heard great things."

From Missy - "Easy way to fill Sinchies, sauce bottle! Today they have vanilla yoghurt :) No mess!"

From Missy - "Jelly!!!! They are really good for jelly!"

From Roxy - "Just ordered my pouches. My baby (#2) is nearly 5 months old and will be starting solids soon! I loved the convenience of the pouch food but didn't like not having my own baby food in there! Thank - you for coming up with such a wonderful idea!"

From Anna - "Hi There, Firstly cannot tell you how much I love this product only wish it had been around when my babies were actually babies!! I have recommended you to to a lot of friends who have since purchased them too."

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