What food to stockpile?

Ohh I love putting extra goods aside – and often get asked what food should I stockpile? I'm kind of like a squirrel hiding nuts!  Just like squirrels it’s mainly food to make my days, weeks, months and years easier being a FIFO wife. Some benefits I have found from stockpiling food are : steam fresh vegetables             It helps save money – I buy things in bulk when discounted and save it for a later date. Recently I bought a heap of cream that was reduced and made some butter. I portioned it out and froze it in my Sinchies snack bags. It cost me 50c for a 600ml tub of cream - that's some seriously cheap butter. I also buy discounted fruit to make smoothie bags with and also discounted vegetables to make steam fresh vegetables. All of this I portion out into my Sinchies Sandwich bags Also inflation right – things go up in price so frequently – usually by a few cents so it’s not that noticeable. In this day and age with the cost of living so high we all need to save pennies where we can. It’s convenient – Oh man my kids are not the kind of kids I can take to the shops to get supplies. Yes I’m the mum with a toddler having a tantrum because he couldn’t drink the toilet bowl cleaner!! So I avoid the shops when I have kids – I try to do one shop a month – usually click and collect  so I no longer have to do the quick dash to get one thing and come out with 20 things I didn’t need. Fruit and vegetables are usually a weekly or fortnightly thing and I try to shop at our local farmers markets for this. Refusing single use plastics where I can and using my reusable sandwich, snack and wrap bags where I can. Having the stuff at hand makes lunchbox packing easy and those crazy nights manageable as you have stuff on hand.

            It creates a feeling of security – Being on my own for half the year sometimes (like when gastro hits) – I just can’t get to the shops so doing a big cook up and having a day of preparation makes me feel some what fulfilled. Here’s some things that I make
  • Bolognese Sauce
  • Tomato Pasta Sauce
  • Hidden Vegetable Pasta Sauce
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce for Stir Fry
  • Make yoghurt and custard
  • Blend fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Bulk biscuits & muffins
  • Mac and Cheese cups
  • Sausage rolls and scrolls
  • Bliss balls
  • Boiled Rice
Mostly healthy and all preservative food with no numbers or additives at your fingertips! One problem though is freezer space ……. And this is when Sinchies are super handy. Our reusable pouches take up less room than your convention plastic ware and I swear I can fit twice as much in! Another thing I love is this can potentially help others – mums struggling with the everyday life, people who gets sick, new mums, our parents, friends etc! And the feeling of helping others is like no other.

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