Weetbix 2 go

If you find yourself rushing around in the morning, you've got to do the school run and your little ones haven't had brekky yet - don't worry Sinchies to the rescue and you can feed on the run! Here's an easy way to have brekky on the run using your reusable food pouches, sent in by Sinchies fan Chenoa Step 1: Place a Weetbix in a 200ml pouch Step 2: Fill them up with milk Step 3: Close the ziplock top, wait for the weet-bix to soften and then enjoy! Top tip: You can always add mashed up banana, fruit puree, yoghurt or chia seeds reusable-food-pouch-weetbix-togoreusable-food-pouch-weet-bix-togosinchies-reusable-food-pouch-weetbix-togo

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