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We thought we'd give you a little helping hand when it comes to packing lunch boxes for back to school, work,  kindergarten or daycare. Healthy, affordable, fresh, fun and colourful - we try to include all of the 5 food groups into our daily diet, but it's no good if it's not going to be eaten right?

A few tips on packing lunches

  • Make up a monthly lunch box plan, where you can spend one day in the kitchen cooking and making things for the month ahead. Things that can be frozen are super handy. Your children, partners or yourself will then have a nice variety ready to go! www.ohsobuysmum.com.au has some fantastic ideas and Lunch box ideas Australia on Facebook is an awesome group, a great bunch of ladies sharing recipes, ideas, hints, tips and fab finds!
  • Get your children to help cook and create with you in the kitchen or simply help choose things for their lunch boxes. You can encourage them to pick one item from each food group to ensure they are getting a balanced diet.
  • Make food fun - this can be done easily or you can go the fancy way and get some awesome bento goodies from www.trendyliltreats.com.au or www.littlelunchkins.com

What to include

Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy or an alternative if dairy free, Wholegrains, Protein such as lean meats or an alternative for vegetarians and don't forget the water!

Lunchbox inspiration

For more lunchbox inspiration, ideas, recipes head on over to our Sinchies Facebook page, or see more of our blog posts.                                           Lunch Ideas For Kids: Make A Lunch Box PlanLunch Ideas For Kids: Make A Lunch Box Plan

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