Top Tips when travelling with Kids with the help of Sinchies

Top Tips For Travelling With Toddlers

Here we have some top tips when travelling with kids with the help of Sinchies reusable pouches. Travelling with kids can be a daunting prospect but not with the top tips we have here for travelling with kids – especially if it’s your first big trip with your little people. It doesn’t have to be hard though – here are 5 top tips to get you started on your journey, whether it be a weekend away or an international holiday.

1. Snacks

This is the number one must have item when travelling with kids. Snacks can of course keep the hungry monsters at bay but also act as great distractions and a way to keep your little one in their seat for a few minutes longer. Sinchies reusable pouches and snack bags are the perfect travel companion for lunchboxes and luggage. You can find hundreds of fab recipes on the Sinchies website but there really are no restrictions – don’t just think smooth food and purees for the Sinchies reusable spout pouches, things like jelly and chia puddings are great! The snack bags are also perfect for popcorn, crackers, biscuits, homemade slice portions, etc. Your imagination is the only limit as Sinchies come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

2. Be a minimalist

Now this doesn’t apply for all things, for example if you’re travelling with a baby it’s a good idea to pack way too many nappies and clothes than to not have enough – but some things will just weigh you down. Plus everyone knows it’s always way better economically to buy things in bulk – but large packs are completely unsuitable for travelling. Enter Sinchies. They aren’t just great for food – you can use them for sunscreen, moisturisers or baby creams, even bubble bath or shower gel for overnight trips. Just be absolutely sure to mark these pouches as inedible and keep them separate from the snacks. Top Tips For Travelling With toddlers - How Reusable Pouches Can Help

3. Car trips

Keep everything handy that you might need - wipes, snacks, spare clothes (in your Sinchies sandwich bags) and maybe another sandwich bag in case of any sickness. Travel with an esky in the car and use your 1litre Sinchies pouches as resuable ice blocks to keep everything cool. Easily emptied and stored when no longer needed.

4. Flying like a pro

Make sure you have some snacks on hand during take off and landing to keep ear pressure under control. Forget sugar loaded lollies – it’s much easier and more economical to pop your little one’s favourite snack into a Sinchie squeezy pouch. You can use them for pureed fruit (the sucking will help their ears) or simply pop dried fruit or sultanas in one (chewing is also a great way to relieve the pressure). Sinchies come in loads of different sizes and the 80ml pouch is perfect for the international restriction. Antibacterial wipes are excellent to give the airport high chair or plane tray table a quick wipe down – and don’t forget you could store some hand sanitiser in a Sinchie so it fits easily in your nappy bag. (just remember to clearly mark which pouches are not for little tummys!) Top Tips For Travelling With toddlers - How Reusable Pouches Can Help

5. Be prepared!

Make a list of everything you think you might need for your journey and tick things off as they go in the bag. With the help of Sinchies you won’t need to leave toiletries or treats behind due to lack of space and they won’t weigh you down – leaving you lots of room to pack all those souvenirs to bring home. Happy Travels! This is a guest blog written by the lovely Bryony Sumner

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