Sinchies reusable freezer safe storage bags

Top tips to improve your freezer space

How do you organise your freezer? Check out our tried and tested top tips for keeping your freezer organised and clean optimising storage and space using your Sinchies reusable freezer safe ziplock bags.

  1. Ditch the boxes - remove all packaging. You don't need it - it's what is inside that counts!
  2. Pack all your ice blocks/packs together - ice blocks are usually flat and can be stacked neatly so keep them together for a good use of space.
  3. Label everything - label all your frozen goods with the date and what is inside to save you having to waste time searching for something
  4. Use reusable ziplock bags - over bulky containers. You can save a lot of space, especially in smaller freezer by doing this. Freezer sauces, casseroles, stews, curries, mince into bags over containers. Simply fill the bags and lay flat to push out the excess air. Seal and freeze! This allows you to freeze FLAT and stack on top of one another. This is an absolute game changer and moving away from bulky Tupperware where you can will CHANGE the way you freeze.
  5. Group your foods - divide your freezer into food group zones so you have a designated space for everything. Store all the meats separately and have a drawer for pre-cooked meals and one for fruit and vege.
  6. Organise items by expiration date - this will help you use up older goods sooner and hopefully avoid foods expiring or getting freezer burn resulting in less waste!
  7. Get magnetic containers - I love this! If you have small amounts of food to freeze i.e. chopped herbs or breadcrumbs - use small magnetic containers. GENIUS.

As well as being super organised we do also recommend keeping inventory of what's in your freezer, adjusting shelves where necessary, defrosting regularly and wiping down the rubber seal.

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