Tips from our fans on how they fill Sinchies

From us here at Sinchies HQ

How to fill Sinchies

Open the Sinchies pouch at the top ziplock and pull open the bottom gusset/fold so the pouch can stand. Using a 1 litre Sinchies reusable food pouch or our collapsible funnel, pour in your filling until it reaches the "fill to here line" Tap the pouch on the bench so the mixture goes as far down to the bottom of the pouch as possible Using two fingers spread open the bottom gusset so the contents doesn't spill out the top when closing it Fasten the ziplock firmly and you're ready to go! See our range of Sinchies products in our online store

Tips from fans

How to fill Sinchies

From Missy - Easy way to fill Sinchies pouches, use a sauce bottle! Today my pouches are filled with vanilla yoghurt. No mess! From Josie - Use a cupcake/pancake batter pourer. I found mine in 'House' in Noosa easy to fill Sinchies pouches with From Sarah - When filling a lot of them I have been using a piping bag!! Makes it way easy and hardly any mess! From Sheree - I purée fruit in a Pyrex measuring jug (with a "pour lip") and pour it in...slowly! From Jessica - I have been using a zip lock bag then cutting a corner off and piping it in From Jacqueline - I use a funnel. It works a treat!! From Kendell - Cake decorating cylinder this side From Vanessa - I fill mine using a large syringe and just syringe it in... easy! See our range of Sinchies products in our online store

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