Throwing A Healthier Kids' Party

Throwing a healthier kids party

Throwing A Healthier Kids' Party

Throwing A Healthier Kids' Party 

It was less than 3 years ago that celebrity chef George Calombaris ruffled a few feathers when he said that he sends his young son to birthday parties with a packed lunch because he doesn’t want him eating the fast food that is served up. So we've come up with ways of Throwing a healthier kids party! Although he seemingly offended a lot of party-throwing mum’s with his statement, there is some truth in what he said as children’s birthday parties are known for their carb and sugar-filled feats that are of very little nutritional value to the kids. Even the most health-conscious mum’s often run out of ideas when it comes to planning the perfect party. Luckily Sinchies has come to the rescue with a range of innovative products that will help turn any party into a healthier one. 

It’s the food that makes the party

As adults, we are very familiar with the concepts of ‘eating with our eyes’ first but the very same principle applies when attempting healthy catering for children and especially those at birthday parties. If something doesn’t look nice, a child is not going to want to eat it, regardless of how much you beg or plead. This is especially true when it comes to trying to convince kids that healthy food belongs at a party. Instead of serving up countless platters of veggie sticks and yoghurt dip, try to utilize more creative ideas such as fresh fruit kebabs, zucchini & banana muffins, vegetable sausage rolls and crackers with a variety of dips such as hummus, cream cheese and creamy avo. Refrain from opening up packets of lollies - you can easily make your own lollie (recipe here) and opt for air-popped popcorn or veggie crisps instead, also ditching the fizzy drinks in favour of water, home-made lemonade and iced tea. Kids find it very novel to drink water with fruit in it! You can even whip up a delicious fresh-fruit smoothies (& put them in your Sinchies of course) & fresh juices and supply each child with his own Sinchie pouch with spout from which to fill and drink it. This can be part of the party bag too! 

Don’t forget the party pack

The highlight of many kids parties are undoubtedly the highly anticipated party pack that the children get to take home with them. A lot of thought and time usually goes into not only the design of the party pack, but also what to put in them. Although most modern-day packs contain something non-edible such as a small toy or a balloon, they are usually filled to the brim with chips, lollipops, chocolates, biscuits and candy. For my daughters recent Ben and Holly Themed party I bought some "Gaston" lady beetle tooth brush holders, sticky frogs, Magic growing water beads, a plastic helicopter and they all got one chocolate. Parents loved that there wasn't going to be a huge sugar rush! 

A healthier alternative beckons

A much healthier alternative would be to fill a Sinchies reusable sandwich bag with an array of healthier snacks such as dried fruit and nuts (always enquire about possible food allergies), themed toys, matchbox cars (for the boys), hair bands (for little princesses) or any other trinket of your choice. Not only are the contents of the packets not going to give the children a late-night sugar rush but the bags are also completely reusable and ideal for parents who want to pack healthy lunches for their children on a daily basis.

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